FIFA 23 Secure Boot is Not Enabled Fix

Not sure how to fix the FIFA 23 “Secure Boot Is Not Enabled On This Machine” anti-cheat error? FIFA 23, the last EA Sports football game to bear that name, is finally here. Alas, the launch has been plagued by countless technical problems, especially during the early access period for those who have bought the Ultimate Edition. The new EA AntiCheat system turned out to be particularly problematic as it prevents players from even starting the game. In this guide, we provide the solution for an EA anti-cheat “Secure Boot Is Not Enabled On This Machine” error message.

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How to Fix FIFA 23 Secure Boot Is Not Enabled On This Machine

How to Fix FIFA 23 Secure Boot Is Not Enabled On This Machine

The recently announced EA Anticheat for PC was supposed to have its big debut in FIFA 23. And, the system is there, but currently, it’s more of a troublemaker rather than a problem-solver. Its anti-cheating capabilities are yet to be tested. However, its technical characteristics still need some ironing. Namely, the system is currently preventing numerous players from even starting the game.

FIFA 23 Secure Boot is Not Enabled Fix

One such problem is related to an EA AntiCheat error message that reads: “secure boot is not enabled on this machine”. Naturally, this is a rather infuriating situation. Particularly for those gamers who have bought the Ultimate Edition to play the game three days early. So, is there a fix for this error which makes FIFA 23 unplayable on PC? Thankfully, there is! What you need to do is to run Origin as an administrator, and do a couple of more things. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you need to do in order to fix this problem:

  • Head to this folder(C:\Program Files\EA\AC).
  • Find the EA Anti-Cheat installer there.
  • Uninstall EA Anti-Cheat.
  • Run Origin as admin.
    • Right-click on the Origin exe/shortcut.
    • Select “Run as Administrator” (shield icon) from the drop-down menu.
    • Confirm with “Yes” when asked.
  • Start FIFA 23 via the Origin client.
  • This will initiate EA AntiCheat reinstallation.
  • Restart the PC after it’s complete.
  • Run Origin as admin.
  • Disable AntiVirus software.
  • Start FIFA 23.

So there you have it. This should hopfuly fix your issues with the FIFA 23 “Secure Boot Is Not Enabled On This Machine” error. While you are here, you may also check how to fix FIFA 23 performance issues, or problems with FIFA 23 Crashing on PC.

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