FIFA 23 Web App Login, FUT App Not Working Fix

In our FIFA 23 Web App Login, FUT App Not Working Fix guide, we are going to be covering several problems with the app that you might be encountering at time of writing. There are people trying to log into the app early, which is allowed for some players. However, they are running into a plethora of issues. In this article, we are going to explain what’s going on, and whether you can do anything about it.

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fifa 23 web app login fut app not working fix
FIFA 23 Web App Login, FUT App Not Working Fix

How to Log Into FIFA 23 Web App

To log into the FIFA 23 Web app, you simply have to go to the login website. From there, just follow the login steps as you would on any other website. Now, there are a few criteria you have to meet in order to use the web app immediately. According to this post, you need an account on which you’ve already created a FUT Club in FIFA 22, and “logged in to FUT 23 on your platform before August 1, 2022.” Also, if you’ve deleted your Club, no early start for you. Lastly, your account has to be “in good standing.” In other words, if you’ve been botting or doing other things that EA considers to be untoward behavior, then you won’t have this privilege.

FIFA 23 FUT Web App Not Working

There are several potential problems that might cause the FIFA 23 web app to not work and foil your login attempts. The first one is that you have a new FIFA account that has not been connected to any previous games in the franchise. If that is the case, then you’ll have to wait to get the game (or the early access). Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Make sure to link your new FIFA account with the platform you’re using.

If you do have an older FIFA account, there are a few problems you can still run into. For one, it can be a server issue. Keep trying until it eventually works. On the other hand, you might get the message that your credentials have expired. That’s fine, just change your password. Also, don’t forget to use the email linked to the platform you’re playing on. Lastly, you might have gotten a ban on the account you’re trying to use. If that’s the case, well, you might have to play FIFA games regularly every day to eventually unlock it.

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    I’ve had previous fifas and my web app keeps telling me my password is wrong even tho I’ve changed it multiple times

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