Final Fantasy Type-0 New Trailer And Screenshots

Today Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, along with a gallery of juicy screenshots. The video shows off the numerous members of Class Zero (fourteen, to be precise) and the dangers they will face come March 17th (March 20th if you’re in Europe).
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It’s chock full of drama and probably some minor spoilers, so have that in mind before you hit play. Note that even though the voiceover is in Japanese, the game will let you choose between it and English. No word on subtitles, though.

Near the end there, the trailer sneakily switches focus and shows Noctis and buddies gallivanting in Final Fantasy XV. Which is relevant, because those who pre-order FF Type-0 HD (or buy it on its first day of sale) will get access to a demo for FF XV, called Episode Duscae. Named after the Duscae plains, in which it will be set, the demo will show off pretty mountains and forests, along with some of the game’s mechanics, like cooking, eating and slaying giant monsters.

If you’d like to see the demo in action, tune into the developers’ Active Time Report livestream on YouTube this friday (February 20th). It will be in Japanese, so don’t expect to hear some new, breathtaking info. Moving pictures are still the universal language, thankfully.

As for the screenshots, they’re partly stills from the video up there, partly fresh from the oven.

Another batch of images, this time from Final Fantasy XV – Episode Duscae. Exciting stuff!

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