Rise Of The Tomb Raider New Screenshots

A bunch of new screenshots from Rise Of The Tomb Raider mysteriously appeared on the internet, showing off the snowy Siberian landscapes the game is going to be set in, as well as some of the dangers Lara will face in the new game, such as avalanches, bears, helicopters and falling to her death from very high places.

One of the pictures offers a glimpse of the area the developers are calling “the oasis” – the only place in the game that isn’t covered in eternal snow. Even though they are including it in order to break the monotony, the highlight of the will most definitely be the snow.
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One of the ways in which it will affect gameplay are the animal tracks. They will help players find potential meals, but constant snowfall will cover them after a while.

The game is expected to come out during the holidays on both Xbox ONE and Xbox 360. As it’s only a timed exclusive (not a proper one), it should appear on other systems eventually. It’s going to feature crafting, because of course it will. That’s what games do these days.

Source: AGB

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