FF7 Remake All Music Disc Locations - Disc Jockey Trophy

Music Discs are collectibles in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. There’s 31 of them in total, each with a different song burned onto it. If you manage to collect them all, you’ll unlock the Disc Jockey trophy. Although there’s so many of them, you’ll find most just by following the main story. For those you miss, you can return using the Chapter Select feature once you’ve beaten the game. We’ve decided to write a guide will all FF7 Remake music disc locations, to help you complete your collection.

ff7 remake all music disc locations disc jockey trophy
FF7 Remake All Music Disc Locations – Disc Jockey Trophy

Where to find music discs in FFVII Remake?

Most of these discs are obtained by interacting with jukeboxes or vending machines, talking to NPCs or winning in a dancing mini game. Some can even be bought from vendors. There’s a guidance system that helps you find them, as well. When you’re near a missing disc, you’ll hear the tune play and a little CD icon will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Here’s a list of all the music discs and where to find them:

1The Prelude3Life in The SlumsSector 7 Slums, Residential AreaPurchased from the item shop
2Bombing Mission7Storm the GatesMako Reactor 5, Front Gate, Gate OfficeIn a vending machine after opening the door using the three switches
3Tifa’s Theme3Return to BaseSector 7 Slums, Residential AreaOn the jukebox in the corner of the Seventh Heaven bar
4Barret’s Theme3A Job Well DoneSector 7 Slums, Undercity StationPurchased from the item shop near the train station
5Lurking in the Darkness15The Path to Greater HeightsCollapsed Sector 7 Plate, 65M Above Ground Level, Central Tower 1FIn a vending machine between the crooked pillars and staircase
6Let the Battles Begin11Shadow in the Control RoomTrain Graveyard, Maintenance Facility 2FIn the vending machine east of the control room
7Turk’s Theme14N/ASector 6 Slums, S6-5 RoadTalk to the woman by the ruins
8Under the Rotting Pizza9To Corneo’s MansionSector 6 Slums, Wall MarketOn the jukebox south of the hotel
9The Oppressed10Follow the WaterwaySewer System, Aqueduct 1In the vending machine in the room after you drain the water from Aqueduct 1
10Honeybee Inn9To Corneo’s MansionSector 6 Slums, Wall MarketPurchased from the item shop
11Don of the Slums9The AuditionSector 6 Slums, Corneo’s Mansion Basement, Forbidden RoomIn the vending machine in the room where you wake up
12Fight On!14N/ASector 6 Slums, Wall MarketPurchased from the shop at the Colosseum entrance
13The Case14The HideoutSewer System, Sector 6 Restricted Area, Aqueduct 4In the vending machine in the small room in the sewers
14Main Theme of FFVII13Finding WedgeSector 7 Collapsed Plate Area, Underground Test Site B1, Break RoomIn the break room vending machine
15On Our Way13Checking on FriendsSector 6 Slums, Evergreen ParkPurchased from the item shop
16Good Night, Until Tomorrow14N/ASector 6 Slums, Wall MarketTalk to the guy with the mustache next to the reception desk at the hotel
17Farm Boy9To Corneo’s MansionSector 6 Slums, Wall MarketTalk to the girl on the top of the stairs north from Chadley
18Electric de Chocobo6Power for the PlatformSector 4 Plate Interior, Upper Level
Plate, Ventilation Facilities Control Room
In a vending machine. After turning off the sun lamps, head west from the cargo elevator and use the small elevator.
19Costa del Sol8Leaf House DeliverySector 5 Slums, Center DistrictPurchased from the materia shop
20Gold Saucer8Requests for the MercenarySector 5 Slums, Children’s Secret HideoutPurchased from the Moogle Emporium
21Cait Sith’s Theme8The StationSector 5 Slums, Undercity StationIn the vending machine at the train station
22Cosmo Canyon9Take the ShortcutSector 6 Slums, Collapsed Expressway, Large Cave-InIn the vending machine at the end of the path after the second puzzle (the one where the robo arm lifts Aerith)
23Descendant of Shinobi14N/ASector 5 Slums, Undercity StationNext to Johnny
24Wutai14N/ASector 6 Slums, Urban Advancement DistrictTalk to the NPC on the path southwest from the Colosseum
25Tango of Tears8Leaf House DeliverySector 5 Slums, Center DistrictOn a jukebox in the building to the left from Leaf House
26Let the Battles Begin -REMAKE-9Aerith’s PlanSector 6 Slums, Honeybee InnReward for getting 10 great ratings on the dance tutorial at the inn
27Hip Hop de Chocobo3Life in The SlumsSector 7 Slums,
Residential Area
Talk to the NPC in front of the clubhouse to the right of the Seventh Heaven bar
28Stamp5Secret PassagewayCorkscrew Tunnel, Section E,
Former Rail Yard
In a vending machine after the fight with the flamethrowing turrets
29The Midgar Blues9To Corneo’s MansionSector 6 Slums, Wall MarketTalk to the NPC singing in the bar south from Chadley
30Stand Up14N/ASector 6 Slums, Wall MArketTalk to the girl in the alley left of the Honeybee Inn
31Scarlet’s Theme16A Helping HandSector 0 Shinra Electric Power Company, 63F Upper Level Recreational Facility, Combat Simulator LoungeOn the jukebox right from the Combat Simulator
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