FF7 Remake Children Locations in Kids on Patrol Side Quest

Kids on Patrol in the Final Fantasy VII remake is a side quest in the game that, at one point, tasks you to find five kids around the town for their teacher, Ms. Folia. The problem is that the game doesn’t tell you where the kids on patrol are. Luckily, you can spot them easily thanks to the green markers above them and the huge, wooden swords on their backs. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to find the kids in this mission, then our FF7 Remake Children Locations in Kids on Patrol Side Quest guide is the right place to be.

FF7 Remake Children Locations in Kids on Patrol Side Quest
FF7 Remake Children Locations in Kids on Patrol Side Quest

Where to Find Children in Kids on Patrol Side Quest in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

To find the first child in the Final Fantasy VII remake in the Kids on patrol side quest, head to the left of the school (southward on the map) and look out for the little dark-haired girl in the white dress and jeans. She has a large, wooden sword on her back. The second kid is further down the same path, inside the huge concrete pipe. He’s wearing shorts and a striped shirt.

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Proceed through the concrete pipe and down the path until you reach the T-junction. Hang a right at the junction, and head down that path until you reach the junk pile where the announcer can be heard and the group of folks are. Head up the ramp to the van, and that’s where you’ll find a kid with a mohawk and a green hoodie. Turn around, walk down the ramp and head left to find a little girl with a light-blue jacket and black shorts.

Proceed down that same path to the north and towards the gates of the slums. There, at the very doors, you’ll find the fifth kid on patrol. He’s wearing a kind of camo uniform and sunglasses. Now, head back to the teacher, Ms. Folia, for the next step of the quest. The mission is fairly simple from there.

You’ll get the Nail Bat as your reward. Later, you’ll unlock the Children’s Secret Hideout, where you can unlock the Moogle Emporium, where you get the Graveyard Key for the Paying Respects side quest. So, yeah; this is a pretty important mission as side quests go.

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