Final Fantasy VII Remake Brought In-House by Square Enix

Square Enix has decided to bring development of the Final Fantasy VII remake back home. Up until recently, they were working on the game together with outsourcing companies, such as CyberConnect2. Now, the higher-ups have decided to continue development in-house without the involvement of external studios.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Brought In-House by Square Enix
Final Fantasy VII Remake Brought In-House by Square Enix

The Final Fantasy VII remake got its first official announcement back on E3 in 2015. It has been in development since, and there’s some new happenings on the horizon. No, there’s no release date yet, we’re sad to say. However, Square Enix has made the decision to work on the remake completely in-house, doing away with all external companies that they worked with until now.

The development of the remake has largely been in the hands of Square Enix Business Division 1. However, they’ve enlisted other companies, including the likes of CyberConnect2, famous for their many Naruto games. That’s all over now, it appears. During a Mobius Final Fantasy YouTube stream, Naoki Hamaguchi of Square Enix had the following to say (as translated on Nova Crystallis):

So far, development has been carried out mainly with the support of external partners. However, in view of factors such as improving quality when the product goes into mass production in the future, the company has decided to shift the developmental system back to within the company, so as to maintain a stable schedule and have control over factors such as quality. We will be forming a robust system within the company to properly carry out the development.

Unlike the previous ports of Final Fantasy VII, the upcoming remake is the first one that Square Enix is developing from the ground up, with fully upgraded graphics and all. The decision to bring the development in-house is probably due to the studio wanting full creative control. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the story unfolds.

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