Star Trek Bridge Crew Review Round-up - Before You Buy

Star Trek Bridge Crew is out today, and you can play in on PC or Playstation 4. You also need a VR headset, like the Vive and Rift for PC or PSVR for PS4. The game allows you to take on the role of one of four key crew memebers of the USS Aegis, as you explore uncharted space looking for a suitable new home for the Vulcans. It’s a coop game, built for VR from the ground up. The reviews are slowly starting to appear, so we’ve decided to round them up, to help you decided whether to buy it.

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star trek bridge crew reviews round up
Star Trek Bridge Crew reviews

Here’s a list of reviews we’ve managed to find, along with their scores or verdicts:

The reviews all seem to be happy with the game, although to varying degrees. Some claim even the singleplayer campaign is nice, while others found it tedious. What they seem to agree on is that it’s one of the best VR experiences to date, and that multiplayer is what it’s all about. Some warn that only those with a sever case of Trekkism will appreciate it fully, others claim it doesn’t capture the “esoteric and cerebral nature of Star Trek” well. It’s pretty divisive, when you get into the details, but most reviewers seem to have enjoyed the experience.

Since multiplayer is at the core of the game, and it’s a VR-only title, keep in mind you’ll have to have three other VR owners to play with. You can play with random people from the internet, but that’s just not the same. Also, it supports cross-platform play, so it doesn’t matter what device your comrades are playing on, or which headset they’re using.

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