FF7 Remake Chadley's Battle Intel Reports & Materia Rewards

Chadley is an NPC in Final Fantasy VII Remake. He’s a quest giver and vendor you’ll meet early on, and a pretty crucial character. His Battle Intel Report tasks will be one of the main sources of materia for you, so you’ll probably visit him often. If you’re wondering what each of these reports requires, or which materia it’ll unlock, keep reading our FF7 remake Chadley’s Battle Intel Reports & materia rewards guide.

ff7 remake chadley's battle intel reports materia rewards
FF7 Remake Chadley’s Battle Intel Reports & Materia Rewards

Keep in mind that you’ll have to buy most of these materia, even after you’ve unlocked them. The only exception are the summon materia, which you’ll get for free after completing the Battle Intel Report that unlocks them.

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Battle Intel Report requirements & rewards

Below you’ll find a list of all Battle Intel Reports, the completion conditions as well as the materia rewards they unlock. You’ll gain access to more reports as you finish the ones you have and progress through the story.

Report NumberNameObjectiveMateria reward
1Monster Bio 1Assess two enemy typesAuto cure materia
2Magic Elements 1Hit vulnerable enemies with appropriate element’s magicWind materia
3The Stagger Effect 1Use unique abilities on staggered enemies and charge ATB 10 timesFirst strike materia
4The Stagger Effect 2Stagger 15 different enemy typesATB boost materia
5Combat Simulation – ShivaDefeat ShivaShiva summon materia
6Monster Bio 2Assess ten different enemy typesSteadfast block materia
7Magic Elements 2Exploit weaknesses of 15 enemy typesSteal materia
8The Manipulation TechniqueKill two or more enemies with a single strikeProvoke materia
9Monster Variants 1Defeat monsters of 3 unique varietiesSynergy materia
10Combat Simulation – Fat ChocoboDefeat Fat ChocoboFat Chocobo summon materia
11Monster Bio 3Assess 20 enemy typesItem master materia
12The Stagger Effect 3Increase stagger damage bonus to 200%Parry materia
13Refocus AnalysisRefocus two timesATB assist materia
14The Stagger Effect 4Stagger 40 enemy typesATB stagger materia
15Combat Simulation – LeviathanDefeat LeviathanLeviathan summon materia
16Monster Bio 4Assess 30 enemy typesEnemy skill materia
17Weapon AbilitiesGet all weapon abilitiesSkill master materia
18MP ConsumptionMaster all types of magic materiaMP absorption materia
19Monster Variants 2Defeat monsters of 10 different varietiesHP absorption materia
20Combat Simulation – BahamutDefeat BahamutBahamut summon materia

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