FF7 Remake Secret Medicine - Behemoth Horn, Moogle’s Mortar, Medicinal Flowers

Secret Medicine in Final Fantasy VII remake is a side quest that requires you to find three ingredients, Behemoth Horn, Medicinal Flowers, and Moogle’s Mortar. The ingredients for the FFVII remake Secret Medicine are scattered all over the place, and one is even locked behind another side quest. That being the case, we’re going to show you exactly where to find all the ingredients in our FF7 Remake Secret Medicine – Behemoth Horn, Moogle’s Mortar, Medicinal Flowers guide.

FF7 Remake Secret Medicine Behemoth Horn Moogles Mortar Medicinal Flowers
FF7 Remake Secret Medicine – Behemoth Horn, Moogle’s Mortar, Medicinal Flowers

Where to Find Moogle’s Mortar & Medicinal Flowers for Secret Medicine FFVII Remake Quest?

To find Moogle’s Mortar and Medicinal Flowers in the Final Fantasy VII remake Secret Medicine quest, you’ll have to go back to the Sector 5. For the Mortar, head to the Sector 5 Slums Center District and find the Children’s Secret Hideout. In there, you’ll find Moggie, which is a kid in a Moogle costume. He’ll be marked as The Mysterious Moogle Merchant on the map. Interact with Moggie, and buy the Mortar from him. It’ll cost you one Moogle Medal.

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Next up, head to the church in the northwest part of Sector 5. Go into the church, and you’ll find a bunch of flowers growing in a sunny corner of the building. That’s what you’re looking for. So, approach the flowers and pick some for the quest. Now for the hard part.

How to Get Behemoth Horn in Final Fantasy VII Remake – Secret Medicine Quest?

To get the Behemoth Horn in the remake of Final Fantasy VII, you have to fight and kill the Type-0 Behemoth. To find that big brute, go and talk to Wymar in Evergreen Park in the Sector 6 Slums. He’s the biker-looking guy with a leather cap. The side quest he gives you is Subterranean Menace. All you have to do is go into the dome-like thing near Wymar, make your way down, and eventually defeat the Type-0 Behemoth. Piece of cake.

When you kill the Behemoth, make sure to grab the Horn before you leave. You can then go back to Wymar to complete Subterranean Menace (you’ll get the Wrecking Ball weapon for Barret as a reward), then travel all the way back to the good doctor and hand over all the ingredients to him. As a reward for your troubles, you’ll get the Telluric Scriptures Vol. III Manuscript and your HP and MP fully restored.

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