FF7 Remake Choose Which Course - Luxury, Standard, Poor Man's

During your adventures in Wall Market in Final Fantasy VII Remake, you’ll end up in a hand massage parlor. In order to get on the owner’s good side, you’ll have to get a massage, but you’ll have to choose between three options – a luxury course, a standard course and a poor man’s course. It’ll make an immediate difference – each one has its own cutscene – but it also affects some things down the line. If you’re not sure what to pick, our FF7 remake Choose Which Course – Luxury, Standard, Poor Man’s guide will explain the three options and their consequences.

ff7 remake choose which course luxury standard poor man's
FF7 Remake Choose Which Course – Luxury, Standard, Poor Man’s

Luxury course

The luxury course costs 3000 gil. If you choose this one, you’ll get an expensive and enjoyable massage which involves hand cream and Madam M turning into a soft spoken, attentive masseuse. It’s an embarassing thing to watch, but that can easily be said for most of Cloud’s interactions with women in this game.

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As for the other consequences, this option will give you the best chance to get Madam M’s two sidequests later on in the chapter, so if it’s her you want to help, make sure you splurge and get the luxury course.

Standard course

The standard course costs 1000 gil. It’s a quick and effective massage. Cloud will complain about it being a little rough, and he’ll squirm on the table for the entire (thankfully short) duration of the course, but in the end he’ll leave feeling better than when he came.

We aren’t sure what this choice does for the side quests in the chapter, so we recommend picking it only if you don’t care whose side quests you’ll get later.

Poor man’s course

The poor man’s course costs a mere 100 gil. If you choose this one, Madam M will wreck Cloud’s hand with an experimental treatment, and he’ll have to take a few minutes to gather himself afterwards. It’s as funny a scene as you’ll get in FF7, so if you’re fond of the game’s humor, this is a good choice.

The consequence of picking this massage course is that you’ll have higher chances of getting Chocobo Sam’s side quests instead of Madam M’s.

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