FF7 Remake How Is Aerith's Outfit - It's Alright, Looks Comfortable, It Matter What I Think

After you’ve subjected yourself to one of Madam M’s massages in Final Fantasy VII Remake, you’ll be faced with another choice. When you tell her what it is that you need, she’ll agree to help but only after she’s given Aerith a makeover. Madam M strongly dislikes your companion’s current outfit, and will say so in the most direct manner. You, being the knight in shining armor that you are, will get the opportunity to defend Aerith’s sartorial choices. If you’re wondering what each of the options does, keep reading our FF7 Remake How Is Aerith’s Outfit – it’s alright, looks comfortable, it matter what I think guide.

ff7 remake how is aerith's outfit it's alright looks comfortable it matter what i think
FF7 Remake How Is Aerith’s Outfit – It’s Alright, Looks Comfortable, It Matter What I Think

If you’re having trouble deciding which option is the positive one here, it’s not you – all three answers are typical lukewarm, too-cool-for-school Cloud fare.

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It’s alright

“It’s alright, I guess” is the highest praise Cloud is physically able to give, and Aerith knows it. She’ll giggle and blush after he, uh, compliments her garments, and Madam M will tell them to take the flirting outside. Choosing this option will make you and Aerith grow closer, and it’ll increase your chances of getting the two Chocobo Sam side quests later on in the chapter.

Looks comfortable

The middle of the road answer is as middle of the road as they get, and Aerith will respond to it with a snide remark of her own. It’ll get you some affection from her, but won’t push you towards Madam M or Chocobo Sam when it comes to side quests.

It matter what I think

The last option is the one in which Cloud rudely tries to exclude himself from the conversation. Aerith won’t like this, so don’t pick this is she’s your prefered cartoon girlfriend. This will also increase your chances of getting the two Madame M side quests.

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