FF7 Remake Corneo's Secret Stash Quest

Corneo’s Secret Stash is a side quest in Final Fantasy VII Remake. In it, the Angel of the Slums will give you a mysterious key and a note pointing you towards the locations where the infamous slum lord hid his most precious belongings. You’ll have to find all three locations and get the goods, which would’ve been easy if one of them wasn’t in a place that’s inaccessible at that point. This guide is going to help you complete FF7 remake Corneo’s Secret Stash quest, show you the stash locations and explain how to get back to the sewers.

ff7 remake corneo's secret stash quest
FF7 Remake Corneo’s Secret Stash Quest

In order to start the quest, you’ll first have to complete the Tomboy Bandit quest which Johnny gives you. When you get to the church, you’ll see a slimy tabloid journalist in front of it. Talk to him, then go inside. Talk to Kyrie, then go into the colosseum and fight the beastmaster and his hellhound. Go back to Kyrie and you’ll get Corneo’s Vault Key and Corneo’s Vault Note.

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Corneo’s stash locations

The note contains hints that point you towards the locations of the stashes. The first one is in Sector 5 Slums, in the Steel Mountain area. As soon as you enter the area, go up the stairs on the left and you’ll see the gate.

The second one is in the caved-in tunnel on the collapsed expressway. Head right at the tunnel intersection, then crawl through the debris and immediately turn left. You’ll see the gate in the dead-end tunnel.

The last one is in the sewers, in the former disposal area. However, you can’t get to that one by yourself.

How to get back into sewers?

You’ll have to play through Chapter 14 until you get the quest in which you have to help Leslie track down Corneo. Once you’re down there with him, defeat the Mischievous Shoat, then follow him to the ladder. Instead of climbing it, pull the lever next to it. It’ll drain the water from the former disposal area (for a more detailed explanation, check out our how to get back to sewer guide). Head back to the place and go down the stairs. You’ll have to fight the Sagahin Prince and his two lackeys before you can get the treasure.

Once this quest is complete, an entrance to the sewers will open up in the Sector 6 Slums, in the Urban Advancement District. This will allow you to go back and find the stash even if you’ve missed it during your excursion down there with Leslie.

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