Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date, New Director - Rumor

Update: This is probably a rumor, since we still haven’t found any official statement that will confirm the news that Kyohei Suzuki is working as a new director on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The remake of Final Fantasy VII is something every fan of the series is eagerly awaiting. In order to speed up the development, Square Enix has assigned director Kyohei Suzuki to the project. With Tetsuya Nomura already working on the game, the game’s launch will certainly come sooner than expected.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date, New Director
FF VII Remake Release Date, New Director

New Director of FF VII

Kyohei Suzuki confirmed in a round table discussion that he will be working on the remake. This probably means that the game will now have two directors, since Tetsuya Nomura is already on the project. Having two directors means faster production, and it might bring the game’s release date closer than we thought.

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Now that Final Fantasy XV is out, developers can focus more on the remake of Final Fantasy VII. However, there’s still Kingdom Hearts 3 in the works, as well as continued support for FF XV. There are simply too many factors to take into account preventing any accurate estimate of the game’s arrival.

Possible Final Fantasy 7 Launch Date Leak

Square Enix hasn’t revealed any details about the game other than what we already know. There has been a post on Reddit about the potential FF VII launch date. Redditor MajorBlaze1 received an order confirmation from Amazon that estimates the arrival date for December 29th, 2017. However, this could easily be just a placeholder date. But, we can dream.

Hopefully, a confirmed release date will come in the near future. The production of the game will certainly gather some steam with two directors on board. FF VII will come out like FF XIII, as a series of several full games.

My only fear is that this move might lead to miscommunication between two teams and creative differences. We already know that FF XV suffered severe cuts in order to meet deadlines. That’s why it’s so linear, even though it’s technically open-world, not to mention the clearly rushed second half. If the remake of VII also ends up being so lackluster, it will further hurt consumer trust in Square Enix.

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