Final Fantasy VII remake will feature slightly buffed Cloud, Materia

Fans are a powerful force, but for years it seemed that pleas of FF VII fans for a remake were falling on death ears. With the resurrection of Final Fantasy series after FF XV finally came out and received solid reviews and great sales, it was also time to return to the question that’s been on the back burner: what about FF VII remake?

This screen just screams “overanalyze me”.

Recently, Tetsuya Nomura, the lead director on the project, confirmed that Materia will appear in the remake. Since FF VII Remake shares the same engine as FF XV, it is more than clear that the combat system might prove to be more than similar. Still, nothing has been exactly confirmed, apart from the existence of Materia, in a way similar to skills. One of the images shows Cloud hiding behind a box, which is definitely not something that you could have done back in the day, but the move does exist in FF XV. The other image is a famous first boss fight you can see above.

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Speaking of Cloud Strife, one of the most recognizable pointy-haired, insanely-huge-sword-wielding game protagonists, according to Nomura, he has gone through five stages of design so far. The current stage is working on making him look more realistic, and it has added more buff to the traditionally skinny character. The real thing is – everyone is still waiting for Sephiroth.

The current ideas flowing around regarding the release date are mentioning early 2018, which would be very interesting, but perhaps a tad too optimistic. When it comes to one of the most expected remakes of all time, the joint opinion should be one of not rushing it. We have waited all these years and for FF VII remake to be a disappointment would destroy all the good will that Square Enix managed to pile up with Final Fantasy XV.

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