FF7 Remake Flower Peddler - How Much or I'm Good

Flower Peddler in Final Fantasy VII remake is a character that you meet relatively early in the game, and she’ll offer you a flower, after which you’ll get a choice, How Much or I’m Good. Depending on what you choose when you first meet the Flower Peddler in the FF7 remake, that character’s story will change later on in the game. Since this is a relatively important moment, we’ve decided to show you the repercussions of the choice in our FF7 Remake Flower Peddler – How Much or I’m Good guide. Warning: we will be spoiling some elements of the game here.

FF7 Remake Flower Peddler - How Much or I'm Good
FF7 Remake Flower Peddler – How Much or I’m Good

What to Choose with Flower Peddler – How Much or I’m Good in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

When you first meet the Flower Peddler in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, the response you really should choose is How Much. That’s about as clear as we can get without getting into more spoiler-y waters, which we are about to do, so this is your final warning. Still here? Cool. If you’ve played FF7 before, or have even a passing familiarity with the game, you know that the Flower Peddler is actually Aerith, a key member of your party and someone you really should be nice to from the get-go.

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If you do choose the other option, I’m Good, you’ll basically get another chance to ingratiate yourself to Aerith. The second choice gives you two options again: Don’t Be Stupid and Fine, I’ll take it. As far as we can tell, if you’ve gotten to this point, you should choose Don’t Be Stupid. It seems counter-intuitive, but it seems that Aerith likes Fine, I’ll take it the least. the “stupid” thing makes Cloud try to pay for the flower, while the “I’ll take it” option has him trying to take it as a freebie, which really doesn’t gel with Aerith.

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Second choice options

Now, whatever you choose here, you will get the Yellow Flower. However, if you’re mean to Aerith, it will affect the character’s ultimate resolution all the way in Chapter 14. That’s why we recommend you choose How Much right outta the gate. Ultimately, of course, the choices are yours to make, depending on how you want to roleplay Cloud. Just keep in mind that there will be consequences.

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