FF7 Remake Shinra ID Card - Sweepstakes Code Not Working

Shinra ID card is one of the preorder bonuses for Final Fantasy VII Remake. It’s a physical goodie, and it’s only available to those who’ve preordered from Gamestop. It’s a plastic employee card that comes in a metalic case, and it’s pretty much just a decoration. However, there’s also a sweepstakes tied to it, in which you can win some nice stuff. You’re supposed to use your employee number in order to enter, but a lot of people are reporting the code not working. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about FF7 remake Shinra ID card, including how to get around this specific problem and enter the sweepstakes.

ff7 remake shinra id card sweepstakes code not working
FF7 Remake Shinra ID Card – Sweepstakes Code Not Working

Can’t enter sweepstakes with Shinra ID card employee number

You’re supposed to enter your employee number on a specific website hosted by Square Enix, but the code from the card isn’t working. Some have even noticed that their cards have the same code that’s used as an example on the website. This is because there’s only one version of the card, and the employee number printed on it is the same for everyone.

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Due to some pretty poor wording, people have been lead to think this is the code they’re supposed to use in order to enter the sweepstakes, but the reality is different. If you take a look at the rules, you’ll notice the you’re going to be sent the real code via email. If you haven’t received the code in your inbox, make sure to contact Gamestop’s support.

If you were born under a lucky star, you might win a giant TV, a Playstation 4 Pro, some speakers, a hefty Gamestop gift card and a black watch that’s supposed to be Final Fantasy themed but in reality is just black.

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  1. K

    I tried to enter my number from my receipt, but it keeps saying “Please provide a valid Shinra Employee ID number” every time.

    1. D
      Daniel Corey

      Me too

    2. M
      Michael Callan

      Me as well, no idea whats wrong

    3. O

      Im getting this same issue.

    4. X

      i keep getting the same thing

    5. J

      I’m getting the same problem. Entering the code from my email, but it keeps saying, “Please provide a valid Shinra Employee ID number.”

    6. O
      Olivier Mathieu

      Same . The receipt give two « dlc » codes but the second one doesn’t work in the ps store or on the website

    7. M

      I have the same issue. I have two codes that’s in my gamestop receipt.

    8. D
      Dyllan Williams

      same here man I can’t get mine to work either. Called gamestop and they had no idea what I was talking about

    9. C

      Yeah my code doesn’t work from the email either.

    10. K

      Same here

    11. J

      This is also happening to me.

    12. R

      Mine is doing the same. Gamestop emailed my ID but it sont work on the Square website which is a bit off-putting. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

    13. I

      ^^ THIS. I dont think anyone’s actual shinra ID email code is working atm

    14. K

      The code on the receipt is for the choco chocobo to be redeemed on PS4

      1. N

        the email has 2 codes one for chocbo and the other for shinra code

    15. E

      Same thing it’s read not valid

    16. E

      Same here… enter valid id number. doesn’t work. i sent in a request through the SE website for help, will see what happens.

    17. K

      I also tried using my code from the receipt, dashes,no dashes, keeps saying PLEASE PROVIDE A VALID SHINRA EMPLOYEE ID NUMBER.
      I tried every code on my receipt, still nothing. I sent a help request to square enix, hopefully it gets resolved

    18. R

      I can’t even enter the contest because I got my game late because of.. you know pandemic… I should have waited to buy the game for less.. at least I got a tiny art book.

  2. F

    Same here. I preordered online and got the code today and it says it is not valid when I entered it.

  3. P

    Having the same issue. I was emailed a Shinra ID and the site says to enter a valid number. Am I missing something that needs to be done prior?

  4. L
    Lucas H

    I’m upset cause you open the cool tin and then turns out its useless and you missed an opportunity.

  5. C

    Yup, it is telling me to enter a valid Shinra Employee ID also, this is ridiculous, especially since gamestop was telling people that all the ID’s would be unique. The code on the reciept should say that it is for the contest and not for DLC.

  6. C
    Christopher S Larsen

    I had 2 codes on my receipt. The site accepted my 2nd code into the contest. It did not accept the code on the Shinra Card. I also tried the 2nd code and the Shinra Card code in the PS Store before the site. Neither of those worked there. Hope this helps.

  7. M

    The code provided to me by GameStop does not work on the sweepstakes page. I am also getting the “Please provide a valid Shinra Employee ID number” message as well.

  8. D

    I managed to get the second code on my receipt to work. I just took out the spaces.

    1. A

      Oh my god THANK YOU!!! Finally got mine to work by taking out the dashes!!

    2. N

      See. I’ve been inputting it without the dashes and it still doesn’t work

  9. A
    Ashley Lindros

    I received the email with my actual shinra serialized ID number and still that one doesn’t work either

  10. C

    so where is this guide you mentioned in first paragraph? all you gave is 3 or 4 paragraphs stating the obvious, and summing it up to how we got the point of looking for a solution on web. all you offer is confirmation of issue, and restating awards. not helpful. but you got me to click your link didnt you…….

  11. D

    I’m having the same issue as keaven. I put in the code on Receipt that I got from gamestop from preordering the game and it keeps asking me to please provide a valid Shinra Employee ID number. Please give me some help if any at all

  12. S

    I have the Gamestop pre-order receipt…AND the pickup receipt…and there’s not any type of code on EITHER of them. WTH?

  13. S

    Okay. I have an answer for everyone if you ordered the game at Gamestop and did not get codes on your pick-up receipt. Call your GameStop store that you picked up the game at. They have codes in the system. Tell them you pre-ordered the game in store, I don’t know how this affect online pre-orders, and they will tell you to go back to the store and pick up another receipt. Take your pick up receipt with you . On that newly printed receipts will be a DLC code for the Chocobo summon materia and a shinra in the same format as the one that’s on the little bogus card they gave you. You use the DLC code to get the Chocobo Materia and enter the Shinra code on the website for the sweepstakes. I have personally done this in the last 30 minutes and I can tell you it does work.

    1. J

      I have had no luck putting the code in. It says its invalid. I know everyone is having this issue but does anyone know how to fix it?

    2. T

      Hi Steve,
      I got my email with my Shinra Serialized ID Number, but whenever I type it it says it’s invalid. How did you u entered it? With dashes, spaces or no space between numbers? Maybe I’m doing it wrong, so I wonder how did you type it

  14. M

    i have the email that specifocally says “this is your unique ID”. does not work. called gamestop and they gave me a new shinra ID. does not work. the guy got mad and told me to email square-enix

  15. A

    I got mine to work today by removing the dashes from the code!! I tried this multiple times before actually and it didn’t work, but today it did!

    Thanks to Dankia up above for the advice of removing the “spaces”.

    1. K

      I got my code entered finally, WITH the dashes on.

  16. C

    ACTUAL FIX: as stated above by STEVE, call gamestop, try to be fast and efficient, so they will be more willing and able to help you. let them know youve tried both codes to be sure, and both give invalid number error message. Ask them for a reprint with a new code for you to enter sweepstakes with. If the code worked, confirmation message will say, “Thank your for entering! We will contact you if you win one of the prizes.”

  17. C

    and my entry worked without dashes, so it probably works either way, as long as functioning code

  18. H

    Where on the receipt is the code? Was never informed about this

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