Graveyard Key Location in FF7 Remake

Graveyard key is an item in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It is used to open the locked gate in the Sector 5 slums and access the graveyard. It’s a small area, but it’s crucial to several side quests, so you’ll want to open it up when the opportunity arises. If you’re wondering how to do it and where to find the key, this guide will show you the graveyard key location in FF7 remake.

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ff7 remake how to get graveyard key
Graveyard Key Location in FF7 Remake

Where to find graveyard key?

Like so many of the finer things in life, the graveyard key has to be bought. But you can’t buy it using gil – oh no, you’ll have to spend the much more rare currency that are moogle medals. The graveyard key is sold by Moggie, the kid at the children’s hideout dressed in a moogle suit. He runs the Moggle Emporium, a shop where you can buy all kinds of stuff in exchange for the moogle medals that seemed useless until this point. You’ll first encounter him in Chapter 8, during the Kids on Patrol side quest.

He’ll sell you the graveyard key for just one medal, so it’s not even a big expense. Of course, the area itself isn’t that interesting – there’s nothing of note there, so you don’t have to go running as soon as you have the key. Instead, wait until there’s a side quest that requires you to go to the graveyard, then explore it as thoroughly as you want. While you’re there, you should also think about buying some of the shop’s unique stock, which includes weapons for Barret and Aerith. There are other things as well, like ether and elixirs, but you can buy those using gil at other places, so it would be a waste to spend these medals on them, since they come in limited quantities.

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