FF7 Remake: How to Get 30000 Points in Whack a Box

Whack a Box is one of the mini games in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. In it, you play as Cloud and have to break as many boxes as you can before the time runs out. There are several kinds of boxes, each with different values, and deciding which to smash and which to pass is a crucial part of the winning strategy. If you’re gunning for the Whack-a-Box Wunderkind trophy, you’ll have to train hard. This guide will help you by showing how to get 30000 points in Whack a Box in FF7 Remake.

ff7 remake how to get 30000 points whack a box
FF7 Remake: How to Get 30000 Points in Whack a Box

Whack a Box – how to earn 30000 points?

As we’ve mentioned, choosing which boxes to ignore and which to destroy is crucial. Red boxes will extend the timer by ten seconds each. There’s three of them, and you absolutely must destroy them all. When it comes to big boxes, the ones worth 1500 points each, it’s best to destroy only the ones blocking passage into the next area. They take too long and the gains aren’t impressive enough to justify wasting time on them.

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The next thing to think about is which weapon you’ll bring. Iron Blade is probably the best choice, because of the Triple Strike ability – it costs one portion of the ATB bar, and performing two of those will break the big 1500 point box quickly. If you’ve reached 100% proficiency with the Iron Blade, you’ll be able to use Triple Strike with other weapons as well.

Apart from that, there’s no big wisdom here, just persistence, practice and a little bit of luck. Try to maximize the time spent swinging your sword, and whenever your ATB gauge is full, empty it out on one of the big boxes blocking your way forward. When there are two big boxes next to each other, you can aim for the space between two boxes and damage them both, either clearing your way much more quickly or just earning a bunch of bonus points.

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  1. S
    Scott Hancock

    Triple slash. Use it as soon as you can as often as you can. Only collected one red box I think.

  2. A

    There’s not 3 timer boxes. There’s at least 6, if not 7 on normal. Just turn to the right when you start and you’ll see what I mean.
    Also, regardless of which weapon I choose, Triple Slash is inaccessible. And I am proficient.

    1. A

      To be accurate, there are 3 to the right of where you start. 1 hiding behind the 1500 single crate past the bridge to the left. 1 past the first set of double 1500 crates. 1 on top of the giant stack. And finally, 1 behind the second set of 1500 double crates. I switched to Iron Blade so its let me use Triple Slash, got all 7 timer blocks, and wound up with a 39200 score. EZPZ

  3. A

    Just defeated this challenge. Iron blade is at 100%, but I couldn’t use triple splash a different weapon for some reason. So equip the iron blade reguardless.

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