Sector 5 Golden-Red Dragon Doors - Unlock Corneo's Vaults in FF7 Remake

Final Fantasy VII remake Corneo’s Vaults or stashes are locations behind golden-red dragon gates that you cannot unlock for a while after spotting them for the first time. The dragon doors in the FFVII remake are connected to the Corneo’s Secret Stash quest, which you get much, much later in the game. And even then, you first have to figure out where to find the Corneo Vault Key. So, in our Sector 5 Golden-Red Dragon Doors – Unlock Corneo’s Vaults in FF7 Remake guide, we’re going to show you where to find the stashes, and how to get the key to unlock the dragon gates.

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Sector 5 Golden-Red Dragon Doors - Unlock Corneo's Vaults in FF7 Remake
Sector 5 Golden-Red Dragon Doors – Unlock Corneo’s Vaults in FF7 Remake

How to Unlock Corneo Stash Dragon Gates in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

To unlock the golden-red Dragon Gates to Corneo’s stash in the Final Fantasy VII remake, you first have to play until you reach Chapter 14. Once you do, you have to get two items; the Corneo Vault Key and the Corneo Vault Note. You get the key by completing the Tomboy Bandit side quest, which you get from Johnny near the train station in Sector 5. It will lead you to Kyrie in the Sector 5 church, and that’s who you get the key from.

As for the Corneo Vault Note, you get it by speaking to Damon, who is waiting for you north of the Undercity. Follow his directions until you come across a note from the Angel of the Slums. This will give you some clues as to where you can find Corneo’ stashes, which is going to be pretty useful. So, yeah, even though you can come across the dragon doors to Corneo’s Vaults way earlier in the game, you can’t do anything about them until much, much later.

Where to Find FFVII Remake Dragon Door Corneo Vaults?

To find the golden-red Corneo Vault Dragon Doors in FFVII, you have to go to Steel Mountain, the Sewers, and the Collapsed Expressway. That’s the order they appear in the Corneo Vault Note, but that won’t be the way we present them here, and you’ll see why in a bit. Let’s go, one location by one location.

In the Steel Mountain area, go north of the Chocobo fast travel point. Simply use the key to unlock the dragon gates and loot the chest that you find in the right corner. Inside is the Ruby Tiara, so grab it and proceed to the next location.

Our second stop is the Collapsed Expressway. Head to the Chocobo fast travel point in that area, and go into the tunnel. Take a left when you reach the fork in the road, and you’ll be at the dragon doors soon enough. In this Vault, you’ll find the Diamond Tiara.

Now for the third and final stash. Continue the game until you get into the sewers. Explore them for a bit, and you’ll find the dragon gates without much trouble. However, the problem is that there’s water blocking your way into the Vault. So, proceed with the mission normally until you (SPOILERS!) kill the Abzu Stoat.

Keep going right up to the point where you have to follow Leslie up a ladder. Instead of climbing up, find the console right next to the ladder and interact with it. This will lower the water level in the Vault. So, double back and go into the stash to find the Emerald Tiara.

How to Complete Corneo Vaults Quest in FFVII?

To complete the Corneo Vaults quest in Final Fantasy VII, you have to take the tiaras back to Marle. When you find all three of them, the game will ask you if you want to go back to Marle, after which it’ll teleport you right to her. That is, unless the last one you find is in the Sewers; you’ll get the option to teleport after you conclude the story events in the area. Either way you do it, when you hand the tiaras to her, Marle will give you The Art of Swordplay Vol. III. On top of that, you’ll also get your HP and MP fully restored.

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