FF7 Remake Timer Choice set to 20 or 30 Minutes

Final Fantasy VII set bomb timer to twenty or thirty minutes is a choice you’ll have to make during the level. It basically lets you choose how much time you want to have to escape the Mako 1 facility after the bomb timer starts ticking. Plus, during the escape sequence, you’ll have to rescue Jessie when she gets trapped under some rubble. So, you might be wondering how long to set the charge timer for, 20 or 30 minutes, and where to find Jessie when she’s trapped. In our Set Charge Timer to 20 or 30 Minutes – Where is Jessie in Reactor in FFVII guide, we’re going to give you the answers to both of those questions.

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Set Charge Timer to 20 or 30 Minutes Where is Jessie in Reactor in FFVII
Set Charge Timer to 20 or 30 Minutes – Where is Jessie in Reactor in FFVII

How Long to Set Bomb Timer in FF7 Remake Mako 1 Reactor – Twenty or Thirty Minutes?

You can set the timer choice to twenty or thirty minutes in the Mako 1 Reactor. Which you choose really does not matter that much. In the demo, the timer was ten minutes, which was just enough to get out by the skin of your teeth. Twenty minutes should be quite comfortable, and thirty pretty much destroys all the tension. However, if you’re not too confident in your abilities just yet, feel free to give yourself half an hour. Nobody’s gonna judge you for it.

If it helps you choose, we went for twenty minutes. By the end of the section, we had twelve and a half minutes to spare. Just make sure to help Jessie out when the debris falls on her. Do not, repeat, do not leave her behind. If you do, you’ll have to go back and get her, or else risk failing the mission. Which brings us to out next point…

Where to Find Jessie in FFVII Mako 1 Reactor?

To find Jessie in the Mako 1 Reactor in FFVII, climb the pipe you land on to the left, and approach Jessie to release her from the concrete chunk. Basically, as you’re escaping the Mako 1 Reactor after the charge timer starts counting down, the whole place starts falling apart. On top of everything else that’s going on, a large piece of debris is going to fall on Jessie and trap her. This happens in a cutscene, after which Cloud will be hanging off a large piece of pipe.

where to find jessie ffvii mako reactor how long to set charge timer

As soon as you regain control of Cloud, shimmy over to the left, and jump onto the platform where Jessie is. Approach her, and you’ll get another short cutscene in which Cloud helps her up. From there, you have to follow her around until you reach Barret again. After that, simply proceed through the Mako 1 facility until you reach the end.

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