Bannerlord Best Companions

Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord companions are characters that you can recruit to your party and assign them to specific roles in your clan. Learning how to assign companions in Bannerlord and leveling them properly will let you build a strong party that has more chance to succeed in the brutal world of the game. So, in our Bannerlord Best Companions guide, we’re gonna give you some tips on how to get good companions and build your party.

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Bannerlord Best Companions
Bannerlord Best Companions

How to Get Best Companions in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord?

To get the best companions in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord, make liberal use of your Encyclopedia. Click on Heroes, then check the Wanderer option. From there, you’ll have a list of people that you can track and recruit. If you pay attention to their last names, you can guess what skills they’ll be good at. For example, Willowbark and Healer make for good surgeons, Lucky make good tacticians and scouts (and governors and party leaders), and Shieldmaidens and the like are the warriors. You can always click on their names and see their skills on the left.

Now, there are several positions in your party that you want to cover are the surgeon, the engineer, the scout, the quartermaster, the tactician, and the fighters. We’ve covered the some of these in the paragraph above, but what about the engineer and quartermaster? Well, their two skills (engineering and steward, respectively) don’t seem to appear in abundance among recruitable people. Instead, you’ll just have to find someone and place them in the role of engineer / quartermaster, and they will level up over time.

That shouldn’t be too much trouble, though. Having a competent quartermaster increases your party size, which comes into play mid-game, and good engineers really become useful in the late game. In other words, you have time to appoint someone as your engineer and quartermaster and let them grow into their new roles. Of course, try and find people that have at least reasonably okay starting stats in engineering and stewardship if possible.

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