FF7 Remake Weapon Locations

Weapons are among the most important items in Final Fantasy VII Remake. They’re your main tools for communicating with your environment and other characters, so you’ll spend a lot of time looking for the best ones. Each of your party members uses sa different kind of weapon – Cloud has a sword, Barret uses guns, Tifa relies on gloves and knuckles, while Aerith uses staves. Each weapon has its own unique ability, which is probably going to be the driving force behind any choice you make. This guide is going to show you all weapon locations in FF7 remake, along with their abilites.

ff7 remake weapon locations
FF7 Remake Weapon Locations

Where to find weapons?

Some of the weapons are obtained automatically as you progress through the story. Others can be bought from various weapon shops. Others still are gaines as quest rewards or found in hidden places. Here’s a list of them all, with their locations and abilities.

Cloud’s weapons (swords)
Buster SwordFocused Thrust – Lunge at an enemy, doing damage to everyone in the way, with an increased chance to stagger.Starting weapon
Iron BladeTriple Slash – Attack 3 enemies quickly, dealing more damage with each strikeObtained automatically in Chapter 3
Nail BatDisorder – A strong attack that switches modesKids on Patrol side quest reward
HardedgeInfinity’s End – Overhead charged strike that does increased damage on stagger and costs 2 ATB.Purchased at Wall Market
Mythril SaberBlade Burst – Shoot a wave of non-elemental energyPurchased at Wall Market
Twin StingerCounterstance – Brace for attacks and retaliateShinra Tower, after meeting Barret
Barret’s weapons (guns)
Gatling GunFocused Shot – Use all ATB for a concentrated burst, with increased chance to staggerStarting weapon
Light Machine GunLifesaver – Take damage instead of an allyObtained automatically in Chapter 6
Big BerthaMaximum Fury – Use all ATB for a long stream of bulletsPurchased in Sector 6 slums
Steel PincersCharging Uppercut – Rush towards an enemy and launch them into the airPurchased from Moogle Emporium
Wrecking BallSmackdown – Hit the ground and launch enemies into the airSubterranean Menace side quest reward
EKG CannonPoint Blank – Use all ATB for a close range attack and launch enemies into the airPurchase a hint from Hart in Shinra Tower
Tifa’s weapons (gloves & knuckles)
Leather GlovesDivekick – Jump and kickStarting weapon
Metal KnucklesOverpower – Used to pressure enemies in combination with basic attacksReward for killing the Crab Warden in Chapter 5
Sonic StrikersFocused Strike – Dodge then strike, increasing chance to staggerIn a chest in Mako Reactor 5, level B5
Feathered GlovesStarshower – A flurry of strikes which increases the strenght of the next commandIn the sewer system in Chapter 10, after beating Aps
Mythril ClawsChi Trap – Create a chi orb that does damageReward for killing the Failed Experiment in Chapter 13
Purple PainTrue Strike – Strong close range strike with increased stagger damageIn a chest in Shinra Tower lobby, in Chapter 16, accessible via monkey bars above the car you climb
Aerith’s weapons (staves)
Guard StickArcane Ward – Summon a ward that casts attack spells twiceStarting weapon
Silver StaffSorcerous Storm – Deal magic damage in an area of effectPurchased from Moogle Emporium
Arcane ScepterFleeting Familiar – Summon a fairy that attacks enemiesReward form A Dynamite Body sidequest
Mythril RodRay of Judgement – Energy burts that hits several enemies with increased stagger damage and costs 2 ATBFound in the Train Graveyard in Chapter 11
Bladed StaffLustrous ShieldCan be stolen from Eligor in Chapter 11
Reinfroced StaffATB Ward – Summon a ward that makes allies regain ATB when using itIn a chest at the start of Chapter 17
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