FF7 Remake What Is That Situation - Certain Death, Already Won, Lost Their Minds

After you’ve managed to secure your way into Don Corneo’s audition in Final Fantasy VII Remake, you’ll have to make another choice. During the conversation with the don himself, he’ll ask you what situation villains usually explain their intentions in. There are three options to choose from, and it’s entirely unclear which one might be the right answer. If you’re wondering what to choose and what the consequences will be, keep reading our guide for FF7 Remake What Is That Situation – certain death, already won, lost their minds.

ff7 remake what situation certain death already won lost their mind
FF7 Remake What Is That Situation – Certain Death, Already Won, Lost Their Minds

What to choose in Don Corneo conversation?

After you successfully get in front of the Don, he’ll pick Cloud at the audition. While he’s busy trying to get into Cloud’s panties, Tifa and Aerith will deal with his lackeys. Once they’re reunited in the don’s bedroom, the three of them manage to scare him into spilling the beans.

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He’ll tell them all about an impending Shinra action against Avalanche, and just as they turn to leave he’ll ask them in what situation villains usually divulge their plans. The answers you can choose from are:

  • When they’re faced with certain death
  • When they think they’ve already won
  • When they’ve lost their minds

The catch here is that it just doesn’t matter what you choose. Whichever option you take, Don Corneo will pull a level which opens a trap door beneath you, dropping you into the sewers. Even if you don’t choose anything, he’ll say that the time is up after a few seconds, pulling the lever without hearing your answer.

Knowing all that, the answer he’s expecting you to pick is probably the second one, the one about having already won. Not that it makes a difference in the end, anyway.

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