FFXV Armiger Unleashed Location - Founder King's Sigil Ring

Armiger Unleashed is a new tech in Final Fantasy XV. It was added to the game in the Royal Edition DLC. This new transformation will help you unlock the true power of the Armiger. In order to use it, you’ll have to get the Founder King’s Sigil, a special ring hidden somewhere in Lucis. Since not everyone wants to comb the entire map looking for one new item, we’ve decided to write this guide, to show you the FFXV Armiger Unleashed location.

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ffxv founder king's sigil location
FFXV Armiger Unleashed Location – Founder King’s Sigil Ring

Where to find Armiger Unleashed?

You can get the Armiger Unleashed tech by acquiring the Founder King’s Sigil. This ring is obtained by visiting the Founder King’s statue in Leide. You’ll find it in the far north of the area, near the entrance to Keycatrich Ruins, the first dungeon in the game. Go past the entrance, and you’ll see the statue on your right.

You’ll need to equip the ring in the accessory slot for the tech to work. Once your Armiger bar is full, use the Legacy of the Lucii tech and watch the world burn as your spirit weapons zoom around the area, viciously murdering everything in their way.

The full combo is a bit tricky to perform, but luckily, you can practice in the training area without worrying about time limits, armiger bars or your health.




  1. B

    Do you need to have 15/15 tombs/weapons first?

    1. J

      You only need all of the 13 royal arms to access the armiger unleashed

  2. B

    Whenever I get close to the statue (from any direction) it teleport me away and in front of it. I can’t get close enough to interact with it at all ?️

  3. D

    The statue doesn’t exist there. When I go. Neither in day nor night

  4. F

    it is update game and its dlc! royal edition pc free but console its dlc sotty

  5. N

    And also how did you get those extra 2 equipment bars for the rings

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