Everspace Coming To PlayStation 4 in May, Including Galactic Edition

Everspace, the rougelike space shooter by Rockfish Games, will be coming to the PlayStation 4 in late May. This will include the game’s add-on, called Encounters. Additionally, you’ll be able to buy the Everspace Galactic Edition, which also includes the game’s soundtrack and a color-print booklet.

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Everspace Coming To PlayStation 4 in May, Including Galactic Edition
Everspace Coming To PlayStation 4 in May, Including Galactic Edition

If you’re more of a PlayStation 4 gamer rather than a PC gamer, but you’ve been wanting to check out Everspace, you’re in luck. And don’t think that this scenario is so improbable. Everspace is a pretty beloved game, and deservedly so. It’s a fun rougelike space shooter, where you “shoot, craft and loot your way to victory while the odds are stacked against you.” IF that sounds like something up your alley, and you own a PS4 (or PS4 Pro), you’ll be able to play Everspace, starting with May 29th. The game will be available both at retailers and on the PlayStation Store.

The developers of Everspace, Rockfish Games, has announced that they’ll also be bringing the much-lauded add on for Everspace, called Encounters, to the PS4. You’ll be able to pick up the base version of Everspace for €/$29.99, and the Encounters add-on will cost you an extra €/$9.99. Alternatively, you can opt to buy both in a bundle for €/$34.99. Then, of course, we have the Everspace Galactic Edition, which is a boxed version of the game. BadLand Games is the publisher behind this edition. The Galactic Edition contains the base game, the Encounters add-on, the game’s original soundtrack, and a color-printed booklet, detailing the studio’s history and how Everspace was made.

Rockfish Games are pretty excited to bring Everspace to the PlayStation 4. The CEO and co-founder of Rockfish, Michael Schade, said: “We are super excited about the PS4 release of EVERSPACE, and it is just awesome working with BadLand to bring the boxed Galactic Edition of EVERSPACE to retailers all across Europe and America. Getting our console debut game out on PS4 and even onto the shelves of brick and mortar stores are two more fantastic achievements for our fairly new studio.” So, space shooter fans, make sure to mark May 29th on your calendars.

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