Better Drillbreaker Quest in FFXV

A Better Drillbreaker Quest is a side quest you can complete in Final Fantasy XV. The Drillbreaker is a machinery weapon, hi-tech and pretty strong, but it can be made even stronger with an upgrade.
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You’ll find out how to upgrade Drillbreaker in this guide.

FFXV Better Drillbreaker QuestNote: This guide is a work in progress. We will continue to update it as we gather more info.

FFXV Drillbreaker Upgrade

As mentioned before, the Drillbreaker is a machinery weapon, and a pretty brutal one. It can inflict a lot of damage to your enemies with its piercing drills. You can find it in Formouth Garrison. Check out our Machinery Weapon Locations guide to learn how to get the Drillbreaker.

As far as upgrading the Drillbreaker goes, you’ll need to talk to Cid Sophiar to activate the Better Drillbreaker quest. He’ll ask you to bring him a specific item that he needs, just like with all the others.

This time around, you’ll have to find a Magitek Core. You can get it as a drop from MA-X Dux enemies. You can also get it from MA-Patria, but they drop it much more rarely. Both enemies hang around Formouth Garrison, luckily, so it shouldn’t be too big of a hassle. You can also pick it up in Gralea during chapter 15. If you need a more detailed explanation, check out our Magitek Core Locations guide.

Now that you have the Magitek core, take a trip to Cid. Hand over the core and the Drillbreaker to him. The old man knows how to handle it from there. He’ll probably need a few days to finish upgrading your weapon. At this point, you’ll get the notification telling you to pass the time by completing quests. However, you can also rest for a couple of days, it seems. Eventually, you’ll get a call form Cid telling you that the weapon is finished. Head on over there to pick up your Drillbreaker Plus.

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