FFXV Machinery Weapon Locations

Machinery Weapons are a weapon category in Final Fantasy XV. They’re large, mechanical devices that can do massive damage, but are heavy and slow.
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You can find them around the world of Eos, hidden in dungeons, displayed in shops or simply tossed aside in the mud. Having a couple of them at hand really enhances your tactical options, so it’s best to try and get as many as you can. This guide is going to show you all machinery weapon locations in Final Fantasy XV, as well as their stats.

Note: This guide is under constructions. We’ll add more locations as soon as the game is out.

FFXV Machinery

Machinery is a separate category of weapons in FFXV. Apart from Noctis, who can apparently wield any and every weapon in the game, it can be used by Prompto. You can equip it into his secondary arm, which will allow him to use it in battle. When he does, it will have a devastating effect on the enemy. There are even some Ascension abilities that create synergies between your attacks and Prompto’s machinery use. The downside is that they’re unwieldy – slow, heavy and with an abysmally low rate of fire. When used, they wreak havoc, but they can’t be used often.

Bioblaster Machinery

The Bioblaster is the first one you’ll be able to find. It’s hidden in Leide, the starting area. Travel to the northern part of the zone, towards Keycatrich Trench. When you’re near at the entrance, climb the cliff on your left. You’ll see a couple of green crates there. The item is on the floor near them.

Description: Machinery that unleashers a powerful shock wave against foes and disperses a poisonous mist.
  • 74 Attack
  • Poison mist ability

Auto Crossbow

The Auto Crossbow is located inside Keycatrich Trench dungeon. The dungeon entrance is in the far north of Leide, the starting zone. Once you’re inside, keep going until you reach a large room with a fire energy deposit. The machinery is on the floor in the hallway leading out from that room.

Description: Machinery that unleashes a powerful shock wave against foes and fires a barrage of crossbow bolts.
  • 61 Attack
  • Health +12
  • Shot resistance +10%

Circular Saw

This is a machinery weapon you can’t miss. It is given automatically as a reward for defeating the MA-X Cuirass. This mini boss is found at the end of the main chapter 2.

Description: Machinery that unleashes a powerful shock wave against foes and inflicts repeated damage with spinning blades.
  • 90 Attack
  • +9 Vitality
  • +7% Shot Resistance
  • Spinning blades attack

Gravity Well Machinery

You can pick this up during the Engaging the Empire quest. It’s one of the main story missions. When you get to the part where you need to return to the Regalia, enter the giant hangar. Turn left and go into the container office. You’ll find the weapon on the floor inside.

Description: Machinery that unleashes a powerful shock wave against foes and pulls them in with a gravity sphere.
  • 108 Attack
  • Magic +8


To get this machinery weapon, you’ll need to enter Fort Vaullerey Imperial base. This base is located in the western part of the map. From the base entrance, head to your right. Keep going this way. You’ll need to walk by the many ship containers and go through a large unlocked gate. Right after this gate and to your right is a small office. Go inside and collect the Noiseblaster. It stands on a small, grey metal desk.
Description: Machinery that unleashes a powerful shock wave against foes and emits a pummeling sonic wave over a wide area.
  • 153 Attack
  • Spirit +11
  • Pummeling sonic wave


Another machinery weapon, hidden inside an Imperial Base. Head to the Formouth Garrison, in the northeastern part of the map, north from Hammerhead. From the entrance, head straight forward, aiming for the gap between the metal watchtower to your left and a fence to your right. Keep following this route without turning. Eventually, you’ll go by the large space ships and containers and you’ll end up at another fence. Next to this fence and a nearby small shack is the Drillbreaker.
Description: Machinery that unleashes a powerful shock wave against foes and inflicts repeated damage with piercing drills.
  • 181 Attack
  • HP + 7
  • Vitality +5
  • Shot Resistance +8%
  • Piercing drills repeated attacks




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