FFXV Regalia Customization & Upgrades

FFXV Regalia Car Customization allows you to change the look of your vehicle in the game. It’s a system that lets you change a lot of stuff on the Regalia, including the body paint, wheels and the interior.
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It also lets you slap on decals to the whole body of the Regalia. This will make the car feel more unique. Full body decals offer colorful decal sets with different art themes. This guide will show you how Regalia customization in Final Fantasy XV works, what your options are and where to buy decals and stickers.

How to customize Regalia

In order to start making changes, you’ll have to go to the Hammerhead Garage and talk to Cindy, the girl in the yellow jumpsuit. She’ll offer you two choices – to repair or customize the Regalia. Choose the second one, and you’ll be faced with the customization choices. Here’s what awaits:

  • Body color – Regalia customization offers lots of colors and you can buy them from merchants.
  • Interior – Using this option will change the color of the leather seats and dashboard.
  • Wheels – This allows you to change the color of your rims. As far as we could tell, it was only the color that changed, not the design.
  • Decal – Allows you to slap on certain stickers onto your vehicle. You can buy full body decal from vendors, or get it as a quest reward. Stickers can be bought from vendors or found scattered in the world. You can change the size and position of the stickers that you want to apply on the side or top of the car.
  • Component – While you are wandering throughout the FFXV world you can find car parts. Bring them to Cindy and you can install these components on the Regalia to improve regalia’s performance.

Regalia customization & vendor locations

Leide: Hammerhead
(inside the Mini Mart, located next to the garage in Hammerhead)
Hammerhead Sticker150hammerhead sticker ffxv
 Beaux Arts decal 1000beaux arts regalia ffxv
 Hammerhead decal
(quest reward)
 hammerhead regalia ffxv
 Crownsguard decal
(quest reward)
 crownsguard regalia ffxv
 Memories of FFIV Soundtrack100 
 Memories of FFVII Soundtrack100 
 Memories of FFV Soundtrack100 
 Advanced Color Samples3000 
Leide: Galdin Quay
(the shop owner is at the start of the long pier )
The Beast
A custom decal set with a monster theme. For people who are mad, bad, and born to be wild.
2000the beast decal regalia
 Racing stripes IV500 
 Racing Stripes V500 
 Memories of FFV (Listen to FFV original soundtrack.)100 
Leide: Longwythe Rest area
(This vendor is found next to the Crow’s Nest Diner)
A two tone custom decal set – black and white
3002-tone regalia decal
 Memories FFII100 
Duscae: Wiz Chocobo PostPop Art
A custom decal set with a colorful pop art motif.
3000pop art regalia customization
 Chocobo Sticker1500 
 Moogle Sticker1500 
 Cactual Sticker1500 
 Memories of FFX100 
Duscae: Coernix Station – AlstorRacing Stripes I500racing stripes 1 ffxv
 Racing Stripes II500 
 Racing Stripes III500 
 Memories of FFIII Soundtrack100 
Duscae: Coernix Station – CauthessMemories of FFIX (Disc 1)100 
 Memories of FFIX (Disc 2)100 
Duscae: Taelpar Rest AreaMemories of FFVI Soundtrack100 
Cleigne: LestallumEOS
A custom decal set with a mythological theme.
8000eos regalia decal
 Flames I500 
 Flames II500 
 Flames III500flames 3 regalia sticker
Cleigne: Coernix Station Lestallum
Shop & Cafe on the Parking Spot
Airflow Comprensator
Triggers laminar flow at the front of the vehicle to improve aerodynamic performance and dramatically boost fuel efficiency)
 Auxiliary Tank
Auxiliary gas tank that increases fuel carrying capacity
 Expert Color Samples
A color sample book containing a complete collection of special hues, providing material for the garage’s recolor palette.
 Cavalier sticker150 
 Memories of FFXIV (Disc 1)100 
 Memories of FFXIV (Disc 2)100 
Cleigne: Old LestallumAbstractification
A custom decal set featuring mind-blowing avant-garde stylings.
6000abstractification regalia customization
 Bullet Hole Sticker
A bullet hole decal so you can pretend your car got shot up.
 Memories of Dissidia FF500 
 Memories of Dissidia 012 FF500 
Cleigne: Burbost Souvenir EmporiumRoyal Stripes I500 
 Royal Stripes II500 
 Memories of FFXV (Disc 1)100 
 Memories of FFXV (Disc 2)100 
 Memories of FFXV (Disc 3)100 
 Memories of FFXV (Disc 4)100 
 Memories of FFXV (Disc 5)100 
Cleigne: Meldacio Hunter HQArmory on Wheels
A custom decal set with a mechanized military theme, made to advertise the Culless Munitions brand.
6000armory on wheels regalia customization
 Caution: Wild Beast Sticker1000caution wild beast sticker
Cleigne: Verinas Mart – RavatoghReinforced Fiberglass Coating
An extremely tough coating spray. This specially processed blend easily sheds any dirt, keeping the vehicle body spic-and-span
 Carbon Weave
Transparent sticker for the ultimate future-cool look.
 Check Pattern
Checkered flag transparent sticker
 Memories of FFXII100 
Found in LestallumCoernix Oil Stickercoernix oil sticker ffxv
Found in LestallumCoernix Oil Stickercoernix oil sticker ffxv
Found in Lestallum
You’ll find the sticker in the southwest corner of the market in Lestallum, just across the Tastwell Grill restaurant.
Ebony Stickerffxv ebony sticker

Regalia pre order bonuses

If you decide to preorder Final Fantasy XV you can get some beautiful Regalia bonus car skins like – Cindy Regalia Skin, Golden Chocobo Regalia Skin, Platinum Leviathan Regalia Skin and 16-bit Buddies Regalia Skin.