FFXV Fishing Spot Map Locations

FFXV Fishing spots are places where Noctis can hone his true trade – fishing. Fishing is a skill the protagonist of Final Fantasy XV has, which can be upgraded and made use of at these particular places.
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Fishing is a great pastime for the prince, but it also rewards him with AP, and different kinds of fish – which can then be used in crafting and cooking recipes. As you do it more, you’ll get better at it, slowly progressing from an amateur angler, to a fantastic fisherman. In this guide, we’re going to show you a map of Final Fantasy XV fishing spot locations & types of fish.

ffxv fishing spot locations

As you upgrade the fishing skill, it will yield better results every time – more AP, more expensive fish, better chances of not losing your catch. It’s a great way to earn both ability points and crafting materials, and it’s also a fun mini game. It’s not completely reliant on luck – your own input is important as well, so practice will definitely do you good and let you catch new fish species. .

FFXV Fishing spot locations on Cleigne, Leide and Duscae maps

cleigne leide duscae fishing spot map

No.Fishing SpotDescriptionFish Type
1Crestholm ReservoirNear Crown City, on the easternmost part of the Leide mapHornet Bluegill
Lucian Catfish
Golden Catfish
2Vannath CoastNear Galdin Quay Outpost on the southernmost part of the Leide mapGiant Trevally
Galdin Trevally
Glowing Barrelfish
Murk Grouper
2aGaldin ShoalsTo the east of Galdin Quay, following the coastGiant Trevally
Galdin Trevally
Glowing Barrelfish
Murk Grouper
3Forgotten PoolJust north of Costlemark Tower Dungeon on the Duscae mapHorned Bluegill
Rainbow Trout
Chipped Bluegil
4Malacchi PondA pond on the Kettier HighlandAlstor Bass
Lucian Catfish
Garnet Snakehead
5SwainsmereThis small lake is nort-west of Kettier Highland – eastern part of the Duscae map.Alstor Bass
Lucian Catfish
Horned Bluegil
Chipped Bluegil
6Neeglyss PondA pond near Alstor Slough, where you’ll come across a huge mob.Crag Barramundi
Lucian Catfish
Horned Bluegil
Chipped Bluegil
Alstor Bass
King Catfish
7Daurell SpringLook for a small wooden cottage near Daurell Caverns Dungeon on the southern part of the Duscae mapSnakehead
Garnet Snakehead
Alstor Bass
Phoenix Bass
Jade Snakehead
Pink Jade Gar
7aDaurell StillsInside the Daurell Caverns DungeonBizzare Barramundi
Cave Dace
8Caem ShoreOn a coast near Spelcray Haven Campground, on the southernmost part of the Cleigne map.Stripped Barramundi
Dark Allural
Sea Bass
Tide Grouper
9Rachsia BridgeIn the central area of the Cleigne map.Alstor Bass
Zipper Barramundi
Chipped Bluegil
Nebula Salmon
10River WennathNear Wennath Riverhead Parking spot on the western side of the map.Rainbow Trout
Cherrycomb Trout
Chrome Rainbow Trout
Callatein Brook Trout
11The Vesperpool – East bank
The Vesperpool – West bank
The Vesperpool – North bank
The Vesperpool – Islet
The Vesperpool – Cape
You will find the Vesperpool on the northernmost part of the Cleigne map. This lake has 5 fishing spots.Crag Barramundi
Phoenix Bass
Jade Snakehead
Glimmering Bluegill
Garnet Snakehead
Fan Bluegil
Sapphire Snakehead
Golden Catfish
Vesper Gar
Noble Arapaima

Final Fantasy XV Fishing Spots

No. 1 – Crestholm Reservoir spot is next to the main road to Insomnia, on the left side. Use small, narrow stairs to get to Ostium Gorge fishing spot.
No. 2 – Vannath Coast spots can be found in Galdin Quay, the outpost with the ferry service – it’s where you’ll meet Ardyn Izunia for the first time. To get there from Hammerhead garage, go south-west until you hit the coast, then follow the southern road to your destination. As you park in front of the resort, you’ll see a notice board up ahead. There’s a small, wooden pier on the beach to the right of it – this is where you should go if you want to fish.
It would be wise to check the nearby kiosk for lures, rods, winding mechanisms or lines. It’s a great place to upgrade your fishing gear. Most fishing spots have one nearby, which is one of the ways you’ll be able to recognize them.

There is a mini quest on a nearby pier as well. The quest client is a cat. Interact with her to start the quest. The quest is called Kitty Catering. This is one of the first mini side quests, where the game introduces you to Noctis’s fishing skill.

Fishing spot locations Altissia map

fishing spots altissia map ffxv

No.Fishing SpotDescriptionFish Type
1Gondola MarinaOn a small pier on the west side of the MarinaCygillan Sea Bass
Tide Grouper
Lucinian Sea Bass
2San Elio PlazaThis Fishing spot is near Ice Cream Cart 
3Furgola CanalLook for a small wooden pier near gondola. 




  1. B
    Blake Kavanagh

    there is all so a fishing spot called Galdin shoals its at the very edge of the beach in the opposite direction of the Vannath Coast spot. If you follow the beach behind Aldare’s shop all the way to the very end you can’t miss it.

  2. T
    Tallon Harrod

    Your missing saxham reservoir in saxham outpost

    1. B

      Any idea what fish types are in there, they aren’t attracted to my lures. Only caught a snakehead in there

      1. D

        I caught a bronze lucian carp in it. Only be caught during the day time. Took like 10 minutes to reel it in.

      2. J

        Lucian Carp, Sunny Carp, Gold Carp, Bronze Carp, Silver Carp, Cloudy Carp, Marble Carp, Dusk Carp, Sunrise Carp and Amber Carp. Spotted catfish, Royal Dance and smaller dance can be found here. Each carp requires a specific lure, and can take quite some time before it will bite as they are very very picky. Time of day may matter, however I have caught carp during the day that someone else caught during the evening or night time. There is a great reddit post which lists each fish location and which lure was used and other stuff. Patience is key with catching them.

  3. L

    I caught Spotted Devil Gar at Vesperpool – Islet with Invincible Iron Giant lure (was about to get dark also). Caught Mighty Barramundi at Vesperpool – Cape also with Stromer: Focalor (from Altissia) these two fish is good for 2 recipes at end game

  4. S
    Senketsu Kira

    Am i crazy or was there a fishing spot at cape caem that you used to catch a fish for the cat quest but now its just not a fishing spot there anymore or im blind

  5. H

    Myrtwood falls inside the southeast vesperpool dungeon Myrtwood.
    Pretty cool location, I caught cascade dace, and another little guy.

    1. D

      Also chrome rainbow trout, and another type of brown colored trout beginning with “c” I think. Two more rare types I couldn’t snag. This thing needs updated badly.

  6. J

    How do you get to the Furgola Canal location?

    1. There is a Gondola Station located south of it. It is called Ministerial Quarter Station. From here, head north, and you’ll find it.

  7. A

    What about the archeons mirror?

  8. B

    Hey guys I was wondering whats going on with some fish and fishing spots in general as soon as the fish bites the fish gets away and the screen reads “lost em”. Which is strange because I’ve caught heaps of fish 30+ but recently having issues even getting them on the line. I’m currently lv4 fishing and lv31 Noctis, only idea I have so far is that because I’m xp farming and haven’t slept for a week in game, but any advice will be appreciated.

  9. T

    Anybody know where I can get the Gemlight: Caster Carbuncle lure for the Platinum Myrltrout please.

    1. B

      Pretty sure the vendor near the hotel in Altissia sells it.

    2. V

      I don’t remember what lure I had used but you won’t need it for the Platinum Myrltrout. I was able to catch a few of them with different lures in the Myrlwood falls fishing spot in the Myrlwood dungeon near the Vesperpool area.

  10. B

    This map is missing a few inland spots, and at least 1 that’s at one of the rivers on the western part of the map. None of them are hard to get to.

    It’s also not noting spot inside dungeons, there’s at least 2 or 3 of those.

  11. B

    Just to recap for any others with the issue I was having in my previous post, it turns out because I had a secondary controller xbox one controller plugged in via the back usb port of my Xbox one. Once this cord controller was removed my controller that I use once again became operational when trying to catch fish. What a weird bug, it only occurred to me with what the issue was once reading a post about how ubs sticks from guitar hero wireless controllers were effecting others game play. I hope this helped someone, peace out and have a happy new year guys.

  12. D

    Hello) Where you can catch Platinum Myrltrout ??? Thanks.

    1. M

      u can find it in Myrlwood 🙂

  13. A

    you miss a couple of spots in the lits , 1 galdin guay on the East side , 1 of the small crater near c.cheery plans,

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