FFXV Comrades Best Birthplace - Which to Select

Final Fantasy XV Comrades expansion has a birthplace select options. There are four birthplaces in FFXV Comrades, and each one has a different set of stats it provides. As you’ll need to pick one of these options at the start of Comrades DLC, they’ll have some impact on your battlefield performance. In this guide, we’ll show you everything about the best birthplace in Final Fantasy XV Comrades, and which one of them has the best stats.

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FFXV Comrades Select Your Birthplace Option
FFXV Comrades Best Birthplace – Which to Select

How to Select Birthplace in FFXV Comrades?

At the start of the Comrades, once you reach the first outpost of Lestallum, you’ll get to talk with the Libertus, a fellow fighter who’s helped you on the way. This is when he hands you in a pair of daggers, and that’s when you pick your birthplace. Four of them will be given for you to pick. You can select each one of them and read about them before you are absolutely sure that one of them suits you.

  • Galahd – Birthplace of many offensive specialists, blessed with high power and magic.
  • Insomnia – Birthplace of many spellcasting specialists, blessed with high magic and max MP.
  • Lestallum – Birthplace of many all-out attackers, blessed with high power and max HP.
  • Altissia – Birthplace of many resilient folks, blessed with high vitality, spirit, and max HP.

Best Birthplace Stats in FFXV Comrades Expansion

Choosing your birthplace in Final Fantasy XV Comrades has an impact on your stats. More specifically, it will make an impact on your starting build. If we keep in mind that strength increases physical attack, vitality physical defense, magic – magical attack damage, and spirit magical defense, choosing a birthplace will have the following impact:

  • Galahd – HP + 480/ MP + 55/ Strength + 24/ Vitality + 22/ Magic + 53/ Spirit + 40
  • Insomnia – HP + 432/ MP + 60/ Strength + 19/ Vitality + 22/ Magic + 57/ Spirit + 40
  • Lestallum – HP + 528/ MP + 49/ Strength + 26/ Vitality + 22/ Magic + 38/ Spirit + 40
  • Altissia – HP + 504/ MP + 55/ Strength + 22/ Vitality + 24/ Magic + 48/ Spirit + 44

Keep in mind that these numbers aren’t final; they are just the starting ones. You gain more of them through leveling up (about +1 per level) and upgrading your weapons. Some of the items can also diminish one of your stats, and this is something that is also important. You can check your stats at any time in the in-game menu and the “gear” option.

The best birthplace option should suit your gamestyle. If you are undetermined about which style that is, perhaps going for Altissia makes sense. This option will allow you to survive a bit more in combat, while you can test out every other aspect. If you are more into melee combat than ranged, Lestallum is the best one. It will provide you with the best strength boost. Insomnia is for the players who think that spellcasting is fun, and should be their main focus. This is also a kinda fun spec, as you can play with the weapon upgrades, allowing for a vast variety of spells at any time in combat. Finally, Galahd is the one suited for all-out combat, including melee, range and spellcasting gameplay.

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