Middle-Earth Shadow of War Free Content Update Plan Revealed

The list of free content updates for Shadow of War have been revealed by WB Games, along with the Expansion Pass content. The various different modes will be arriving in November and December. This includes an enhanced photo mode, a new difficulty, and more.

Middle-Earth Shadow of War Free Content Update Plan Revealed
Middle-Earth Shadow of War Free Content Update Plan Revealed

WB games announced some of the free content updates for Shadow of War on Twitter. These will be arriving in the end of November and the beginning / middle of December. The same Twitter post reveals the content of the Expansion Pass DLC, aka the stuff you have to pay for. We covered this in our Shadow Of War Expansion Pass Content Detailed article, where you can find more detailed info.

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So, what can you expect to see in these upcoming Shadow of War free content updates? Well, first off, there’s Endless Siege, coming your way on November 21st. Here, you’ll have to defend your fortresses against Sauron. He’ll try to retake Mordor, and your job is to stop him, of course. Then, on the same day, you’ll also get Rebellion. Some Uruk-hai and other orcs are going to rebel against the Bright Lord (aka, you) and try to undermine you. On top of that, November 21st will also bring the Enhanced Photo Mode to the game.

Now, we get into December. On the 5th, the Online Fight Pits are coming to Shadow of War. This sounds like a kind of interesting concept. In this mode, you’ll be able to pit your Orc follower against another player’s Orc. You can earn some “powerful rewards and upgrades.” On December 13th, you’ll be able to play the game on Brutal Difficulty. This mode will offer no last chances. And, best of all, there’s “more to be announced.” So, there’s also that to look forward to.

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