Final Fantasy XV Comrades Best Weapons - Location, Price, Stats

Final Fantasy XV Comrades expansion offers new best weapons in the game. These weapons are a bit different from the ones you’ve might experienced in the main FFXV game. Their stats are now important more than ever. You can get these weapons from the vendors in the outposts. They can also be unlocked through the arms schematics; the ones you gain upon powering up different pylons with treasure spots behind them. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find best weapons in Final Fantasy XV Comrades, their attack, stats, price and all.

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FFXV Comrades Best Weapons Where to Find Them
Final Fantasy XV Comrades Best Weapons – Location, Price, Stats

Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it as we progress through the game, by adding new weapons above the ones already posted in the list.

Note 2: The weapons below are listed based on their attack power. However, some of the weapons have better stats and properties, making them better suited for different playstyles.

Note 3: Be sure to upgrade your weapons at the Lestallum’s crafting station for more power with each level. This is where you can also add additional properties to the weapon, boosting some of its handling abilities.

Where to find Best Katana in FFXV Comrades

The Yoshimitsu katana becomes available once you’ve freed enough refugees at Meldacio Hunter HQ (northern outpost), and they band together. Be sure to free Devon Elkton. You can find him just west of a 3.000kW camp located west from Meldacio Hunter HQ. Select him as the outpost leader, and you’ll get his trading post store. He sells this 100 attack katana with 15 strength for one platinum ingot and one reaper funnybone. According to user CrashBoredom, you can upgrade and remodel this katana to the level 99 sword “Honebami”.

The Nameless Blade is a katana sold at Cauthess Depot. This is yet another weapon you can upgrade to level 99, into a katana called Inifity Blade. The price is one Behemoth Tear and three Malboro Mucilage. The vendor that sells it is called Kurt, and he opens the trading post when you make him an outpost leader. If you power up a line west from the Cauthess Depot, you’ll be able to free Kurt. At the start, this weapon offers 81 attack and 5 strenght, but as you can upgrade it to level 99, it makes it one of the best ones.

The Besmirched Blade katana is a boss drop from the hunter quest Havoc Befalls the Hut Again (Cauthess Depot level 36 defense). You can upgrade and remodel it to a level 99 weapon called Honebami.

Once you fight Gladiolus for the first time and defeat him, he will drop a katana called Samoji. This is a max level 50 weapon. Considering you can get it rather early on in the game by defeating the level 15 Gladiolus, it’s worth it.

The Chizuru katana is one of the first and best weapons at the start of the game. You can buy it from a vendor in Meldacio Hunter HQ, for 5.440 gil. This outpost is located just north from Lestallum, and you unlock it by powering pylons left from the main outpost, and, when you can, toward the north. The Chiruzuru has 81 attack, gives 8 Magic, 10% lighting resistance, and the offensive spell “Thunder” (Caster’s default offensive spell changes into lighting-type elemental damage).

The Nobukuni katana is the second best one I’ve found so far in the game. This weapon is unlocked once you power up the fifth camp to the east of Lestallum, and unlock arms schematics. This weapon has 85 basic attack damage with 20 levels for upgrading, 8 strength, 8 spirit, and Prime Boost II (damage output increases by 30% while at full health).

FFXV Comrades Best Clubs

The Tainted Club is one of the best clubs in the Comrades DLC. This weapon is a Burbost Daemon Emporium (Meldacio Hunter HQ defense quest level 42) boss drop. It has 30 base strength, vitality and spirit. It has a level 2 upgrade/remodel into the new club called Thor’s Hammer, with abilities called Stormbound, Offensive Spell: Thundaga.

Hammerhead is a base weapon with 20 strength, vitality, magic, and spirit, that you might want to go for. This weapon is obtainable upon defeating Ignis for the second time. You can do so upon completing the story. The maximum upgrade for this weapon is a level 99 club called Dreadnought (supercharge strike ability).

Battle Mace is the best club at the start. You can buy it from a vendor in Meldacio Hunter HQ, an outpost located north from Lestallum. It costs 4.080 gil, and it has 84 attack, gives 6 strength, 10 MP.

Best Polearms in Comrades expansion

The Corsesca polearm is one the best weapons of this type, as it can be upgraded to a level 99 weapon called Dragon Whisker. You can get its base version from a vendor at Cauthess Depot. This is not your usual vendor; you need to choose the refugee Kurt as the outpost leader. You’ll get to him by powering a line west from the outpost. To buy it, you’ll need three Crooked Helixhorns and three Sharp Scythes.

Rhomphaia is the best polearm weapon at the start of the game. You can find it in the stock of the Meldacio Hunter HQ vendor. It costs 3.630 gil, and it has 60 attack, gives 5 strength, 8 vitality.

Comrades FFXV Multiplayer DLC Best Daggers

The Kitchen Knives daggers is a weapon that can be upgraded/remodeled into the level 99 Kitchen Knives III (everyone’s enmity ability). The base of this weapon comes as a boss drop from the quest Everybody’s Groan (Cauthess Depot, defense level 44).

Assassin’s Daggers is probably the worst weapon in the game, if you look at the damage done, as it has only one attack damage at level one. Although you can upgrade it to level 30, it is still not worth it to rely on its attack damage. The reason why it is mentioned in this guide and taken in consideration is because of its ability called Deathtouch. This ability makes standard attacks have a small chance of inflicting instant death.

Dancing Daggers are sold by a vendor in the Cauthess Depot outpost, located in southwestern part of the map. It has 44 attack, gives 10 strength, 10 vitality and Jitterbug. In order to acquire it, be sure to bring 5 dynamos, as the vendor only trades it for that price.

How to Get Best Crossbow in FFXV Comrades

The Jahrk, a 30 magic based crossbow, is a weapon you get as a boss drop from the quest Phantom in the Frame. This is a level 24 hunt quest from Lestallum. The weapon’s strength comes from the fact that you can upgrade it to a level 99 weapon called Elder Bow (Manastrike X ability).

Hunter’s Bow is sold by the vendor in Meldacio Hunter HQ for 3.000 gil. It has 47 attack, and a Charge Boost. Although it does a high amount of damage, it is advisable to skip it at the start, as you can get a more powerful one later on and save some gil. This is due the fact that reaching Meldacio Hunter HQ at the start is far easier than the other outposts.

Freeze Bow is unlocked once you power up the fifth camp east from Lestallum, and unlock an arms schematic. This bow has 62 attack, gives 12 spirit, and the Stoptouch ability (standard attacks have a small chance of stopping enemies in their tracks for 1 second).

FFXV Comrades Best Shields

The Mythris shield is one that you can upgrade/remodeled to level 99 weapon called Wizard Shield (barrier saver III). You can buy it from the vendor in Lestallum, once you unlock the nearby arms schematics.

The Black Prince is a remodeled/upgraded version of the Power Shield sold by a vendor in Meldacio Hunter HQ. This is the vendor called Devon Elkton. You should make him an outpost leader, as he unlocks a trading outpost. The price of this shield is 10 Iron Shavings, and two Thick Hides.

Cauthess Depot is where you can find a vendor that sells the Immortal Aegis shield. It has 123 attack, gives 10 spirit, 20% dark resistance, and the Deathproof ability. To buy it, you’ll need to have 2 Ghastly left arms and 2 armor of Discord.

The Antivenom shield and Inertia shield are unlocked once you power up the fifth camp east from Lestallum. The vendor sells them for 5.300 gil, and they both do 82 attack. Their strength come from their abilities. Antivenom has Poisonproof (prevents poison) while Inertia has Stopproof (prevents stop).

Best Shuriken in Comrades

The Petrified Disc is a shuriken weapon that you can upgrade/remodel up to level 70 Cornflower. It comes as a boss drop from the quest Smog on the Water (Meldacio Hunter HQ, Hunt level 43).

The Pinwheel shuriken is a weapon you unlock once you power up a line south from Cauthess Depot. The vendor will sell it for 3.500 gil. This weapon also has 33 attack gives two abilities: Stormbound (standard attacks inflict lighting-type elemental damage) and the Offensive Spell Thunder (caster’s default offensive spell changes into lighting-type elemental magic). A rather powerful elemental-based range weapon, good for defeating enemies sensitive to that type of damage.

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