Final Fantasy XV Comrades Online Test Errors & Problems

The beta testing of the multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV, Comrades, is currently live for all Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players. As any beta, it’s full of bugs and issues. Some are much more dire and annoying than others, naturally. They range from managing to shortly jump outside the map boundaries to serious crashes, and even overheating your console.

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Final Fantasy XV Comrades Online Test Errors & Problems
Final Fantasy XV Comrades Online Test Errors & Problems

FFXV Comrades Failed to Join Quickplay Match Error

A lot of players seem to be having trouble entering a quickplay match. Sadly, it seems that there’s no solution to this issue; quickplay is just useless right now. You’ll have to stick to custom, which might be the superior mode, since it allows you to play with your friends. For more info on that, check out our FFXV Comrades How to Play with Friends guide.

Stuck on “Searching for players” in FFXV Comrades

Another issue that’s been plaguing players a lot. When trying to join a camp, the game just gets stuck forever on Searching for players. It happened to us, as well, and eventually, we just got an error code and proceeded normally. So, try being patient and waiting it out. If that doesn’t work out, the only thing to do is reset the game.

Losing all gear after coming back to Comrades Beta

Primarily Xbox One players are reporting this one, though PS4 players seem equally confused. Unfortunately for the players, this doesn’t seem to be a glitch. The servers simply don’t appear to be keeping any progress at all. Each time you exit and re-enter, you’ll be starting afresh.

FFXV Comrades Error – Inputs don’t work after completing quest

Both Xbox One and PS4 players have reported this bug, and it’s extremely annoying. You complete a quest, and your inputs just freeze up. You can’t do anything at all. There’s no real way to fix this that we know of. Try resetting the game, that should unblock it.

Can’t download FFXV Comrades

This might not actually be an error on the side of the game, especially if you’re on PS4. Make sure you have an active live subscription for your console. If you’re on the PS4, the account that the game is installed under also has to be the PS Plus owner. For more information on this subject, check out our guide on how to start & where to download the FFXV Comrades beta.

We would like to thank BlindingAwesomness and all other reddit users from the FFXV subreddit for their insight on FFXV Comrades errors.

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