FFXV Comrades Requires Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus

Comrades, the upcoming Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion, is a little over a month away. Players will be warriors from the Kingsglaive, on a mission to save the world from the engulfing darkness. You’ll use your magic, weapons, and skills to kill monsters, and you’ll get to meet classic characters, like Cid. To play it on consoles, though, you’ll have to have the appropriate subscription.

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FFXV Comrades Requires Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus
FFXV Comrades Requires Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus

The Comrades multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV will require you to have an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscription. Considering that it’s all about the multiplayer, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Still, if you don’t have a subscription, and want to play Comrades, be prepared for the extra expense.

As for the expansion itself, you’ll be playing as members of the Kingsglaive, which are an elite unit of the kingdom of Lucis. They have the magical powers of the royal family, and their task is defending the realm. Comrades takes place after the events of Final Fantasy XV (beware, spoilers incoming), after Noctis sacrifices himself to save the world. Turns out, having no royal family members to protect the Light and the Kingdom leads to the world once again being consumed by darkness. Whoops.

So, you and your friends, as members of the Kingsglaive, you have to step in and save the kingdom from the forces of evil. If you want to play as Ignis, Gladiolus, or Prompto, or other members of the crew, you’ll be able to in “one of the future updates.” That being said, I’d think that staying the character that you make will be much more fun. Considering that you’ll get to meet different characters from FFXV, it’d be cooler to do so as “yourself”.

The Final Fantasy XV Comrades multiplayer expansion comes out on October 31st, 2017.

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