Destiny 2 Unlimited Nightfall Time Exploit Discovered

The main challenge in Destiny 2’s nightfall strikes comes from the timer. They’re basically regular strikes, but with some special rules and a clock that keeps ticking. It’s a race against time, but this week’s nightfall, Exodus Crash, can be cheated. Players have discovered an exploit that lets you replenish your timer infinitely, so that you don’t have to worry about running out of time.

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destiny 2 unlimited time nightfall exploit
Unlimited time in Exodus Crash nightfall strike

How to get unlimited time in Exodus Crash nightfall strike?

In order to get unlimited time in this week’s Exodus Crash nightfall, you’ll have to abuse one of the modifiers. Timewarp: Anomalies is the one – it adds thirty seconds to the timer whenever you destroy an anomaly. They look like blue glowing cubes. Most of them are somewhat well hidden, and sometimes they’re hard to see against the background, even when you’re staring at them.

Players have discovered a way to make one of those anomalies respawn infinitely, letting them fill up their timers with little effort. After you let your ghost scan a Fallen device and repel the ensuing attack, the large purple barrier will be deactivated, letting you progress. As soon as you pass the barrier, turn around. Look up and to the right, and you’ll see a hidden anomaly high up, by the wall.

Shoot it, then go to the end of the corridor. Make sure the entire team is there, and the game will load the public area. If you turn around and go back to the barrier, you’ll see the anomaly has respawned. Shoot it again for another 30 seconds, then repeat the process. You can have one player stay behind and farm time this way, while the other two go and deal with the next area and maybe even the Fallen Walker mini-boss.

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