FFXV Comrades Where to find Gladiolus, Prompto & Ignis

Final Fantasy XV Comrades DLC multiplayer expansion lets you find and spar with Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis. Defeating them in FFXV Comrades gives you different powerful weapons. These three fellas come one after the other, and the first one you meet is Gladiolus. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Gladiolus, Ignis, & Prompto in Comrades.

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FFXV Comrades Where to Find Gladiolus
FFXV Comrades Where to find Gladiolus, Prompto & Ignis in Lestallum

Where to find Gladiolus in Comrades Expansion?

Gladiolus is near the power plant in Lestallum, and not next to Iris, as he says when he first appears. Once you get into this first outpost, go into the compound, and keep to your left. There is one set of stairs before you reach the entrance of the power plant. This is where you should turn left, and you’ll find Noctis’s comrades, near the fence, standing between two groups of metal barrels.

Note: If you are fast enough, rushing toward the power plant, it takes a bit time for Gladioulus and the others to show up here. They are hard to miss, as they have a question mark above their heads. If you talk to them, you can start a quest.

Training with Gladiolus, as a part of the quest “Shattering the Shield”, starts as you accept his challenge. At this point, he is level 15, and if you defeat him, you’ll get the Samoji katana weapon (81 attack, 50 levels, Face-off Boost X – damage output increases by 30% when fighting against fewer enemies). This is a rather powerful weapon that you can get at the start of the game.

FFXV Comrades DLC Prompto & Ignis Location

Prompto and Ignis come shortly after Gladiolus. It usually takes around one mission, but it may be even longer, depending on your level. They won’t all come at the same time, standing next to each other. You need to defeat them, in order for the others in line to show up. So, once you’ve defeated Gladiolus and completed one or more missions, Prompto will come, and then Ignis after him.

Prompto and Ignis are both found in the same location as Gladiolus, near the Lestallum power plant. It might take a second or two for them to pop in if you run to this area, but they are all definitely in the same spot.

With Prompto (level 18), you can complete a quest “Besting the Buddy”, which yields a Piercing Bow weapon (attack 65, 30 levels, Helmsplitter – standard attacks have a small chance of weakening enemies’ defenses by 10%). Ignis (level 22) gives you the quest “Handing it to the Hand” and the Storm Lance polearm (attack 55, 20 levels) as a reward

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