Co-op Online Multiplayer available in Final Fantasy XV

Online Multiplayer in Final Fantasy XV is something that not a lot of people were expecting. Yet, there it is. The news was announced at the Paris Game Week on 27th October 2016. Multiplayer is not something that is new in Final Fantasy . The first multiplayer steps were taken back in Final Fantasy III with a messaging mode called Mognet. It continued in Final Fantasy IV and the two player / controller gameplay. It all culminated with Final Fantasy XI that was a MMORPG.

Online Multiplayer Final Fantasy XV

Co-op Multiplayer General Info

At the Paris Game Week Hajime Tabata talked about DLCs for FFXV. It was confirmed that online multiplayer is coming. Hajime Tabata is the director of FFXV, working for Square Enix. His work in the series started back in 2004 with the Before Crisis – Final Fantasy VII.
  1. Multiplayer is not set to be live once the game starts.
  2. It will come after the DLCs involving Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto launch.
  3. Noctis will join them as the fourth player, making this a new expansion dedicated to CO-OP multiplayer.
  4. You can get all of these products as part of the season pass. The season pass price will be around £19.99 / €24.99 / $24.99.
  5. The co-op Expansion will be called “Comrades”. It will come after the first three character DLCs.
  6. This co-op multiplayer is for up to four players and features “intense battles”. You can take control of not only Noctis, but his three friends: Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto.
  7. There are some indications that the co-op mode might also be a separate purchase.
  8. Although the online part is in production, its release date is close to the release of the game.
Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari is managing all additional content and character episodes. He is overseen by Hajime Tabata with development led by core members of the FFXV team.

Online Multiplayer Concerns

There are many questions that remain unanswered. It is completely understandable as this is completely unexpected. Yet, we are so close to the game launch and something like this is not easy to digest with so little information. Some of the questions remain as:
  1. Do we need all DLCs, or you can get the Co-op one separately? If not, can we still play as any main character in co-op?
  2. Does the co-op take place at a certain part of the story, or is it a separate one?
  3. Do we fight each other, as a part of practice? Is it only PVE or it will have elements of PVP?
  4. Can we play with our friends, or will we always be placed with random people?
  5. Do all party members need to have subscription-based console upgrades, or does only the group leader need it?
  6. Can we play it in local multiplayer?
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