Final Fantasy XV goes gold

Final Fantasy XV has officially gone gold. Game files are finalized and printed on the master disc, ready for millions of copies to be made for distribution. Director Hajime Tabata announced the information during the Paris Games Week, while the new footage from the final master version has been presented to the audience.

final fantasy xv gold ffxv

Final Fantasy XV goes gold – 10 years in the making

The long wait is finally over, as this title was originally known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and was announced a long time ago in 2006. So after 10 years of waiting, fans all over the world are relieved to hear that they will soon have the chance to finally play the game in a month.

It is announced that there will still be a day-one patch, though, but it will not be that big – because the game was already delayed for that reason. It was set to be released in September, but director Tabata felt that the game would not be finished by that time. According to the developers, the point of the release date delay was to avoid a “15 GB” day-one patch. The day-one patch will probably be much smaller in its size. That was done so the players can jump right in to the action.

The information is officially released on the game’s Twitter account:

Are you excited as we are for Final Fantasy XV? What are your thoughts on definitely having a chance to play this long awaited sequel? Leave us a comment in the section below. Check out the Final Fantasy Omen trailer if you haven’t done that already. This action role-playing game will be available worldwide on November 29th, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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