FFXV Episode Gladiolus DLC Score Attack - A New Blademaster & No Pain, No Gain Trophies

Score Attack is a game mode that you can play in FFXV Episode Gladiolus. It’s a side minigame where you go through timed trials and score points by killing enemies. Getting certain scores can unlock new items in the game. In this guide, we’ll give you some Score Attack tips for Episode Gladiolus DLC, to help you unlock A New Blademaster Trophy (1 million points) and No Pain, No Gain achievement (500k points).

FFXV Episode Gladiolus DLC Score Attack Tips for 500K & 1M Score
Episode Gladiolus Score Attack Tips – How to get 1 million high score

How to Get 1 Million Points in Episode Gladiolus Score Attack

Score Attack is basically a Time Attack mode that you unlock by completing Episode Gladio. You have to complete the levels as quick as possible and with as much time left over as you can muster. Yes, the timer counts down, so you have to be quick and think fast. It’s important to be strategic and smart. Getting to 500.000 and 1.000.000 points gives you achievements, so those are the numbers you might want to gun for. You can check out our Episode Gladiolus Trophy guide for more info.

As for how to get those points, there are several tips that you can follow. First off, run to every location; the quicker, the better. Time is of the essence, so don’t get distracted. Next, the combo count isn’t that important. As tempting as it might be to watch those numbers count up, it’s not really worth it. You want to stick to parrying instead to get your Glaive Art meter up for the really powerful strikes.

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As far as enemies are concerned, each type has its own tip. For the bug-like and animal-like enemies, use pillars to wipe them out. Pillars have four normal strikes before they crumble, and they can handle only one heavy attack. So, the ideal thing to do would be to use three normal attacks, followed by a heavy attack. For the more human-looking enemies, parry their attacks. If you can, attack back only when they turn red. Those attacks are unblockable, so might as well use the opportunity to fight back. Finally, for the bosses, you want to keep the final Glaive Art attack for them. This especially goes for the bosses where there aren’t a lot of pillars around.

When it comes to mobs, you’ll want to increase your Rage meter up, and then chain counter attacks to gain a lot of points. This only goes for enemies that you can block. Those that can’t be blocked (they’ll glow red), you should just get rid of them as fast as you can and proceed. What can happen in this scenario is you getting hit and losing what you’ve built up. To prevent this, instead of just holding block, tap it again when you notice an attack coming your way. One more thing – when fighting bosses, make sure to focus on the mobs as well to keep those points coming. This is especially important with the first boss, since defeating it will clear the room, and you’ll lose all of those potential points.

Playing Score Attack mode unlocks the Gladiolus Rugged Attire outfit. By the looks of it, you can then transfer it into the main game. And who wouldn’t want to gaze at a shirtless Gladio?

Huge thank-you goes to Reddit users LockedAndClush and Kerwell for the useful info.

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