FFXV How to Unlock Gladiolus Rugged Attire - New DLC Outfit

A new Gladiolus outfit can be unlocked in Episode Gladiolus. It’s called Rugged Attire, and it’s basically a shirtless Gladio. You’ll have to do a fair share of work to unlock it, since you can’t get it by simply completing the DLC. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock new Gladiolus Outfit in Final Fantasy XV.

FFXV How to Unlock Gladiolus New Outfit Rugged Attire
FFXV How to Unlock Gladiolus New Outfit Rugged Attire

Episode Gladiolus – How to Get New Rugged Attire Outfit

The new outfit that you can unlock in Episode Gladiolus DLC is called Rugged Attire. It gives Gladio a bonus to attack and perception (presumably tied somehow to his Survival ability), but he also suffers a penalty to vitality (considering he’s naked from the waist up, it’s only fair). Apparently, it gives an even bigger strength bonus than the Crownsguard Fatigues/ However, you will have to contend with a significantly lower vitality. It’s a trade-off, and it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it.

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In order to get the Rugged Attire, it’s not enough to just complete the DLC Episode. You’ll have to work a bit harder than that. The first step is to complete the DLC. Which difficulty you beat it on doesn’t seem to matter. This way, you’ll unlock the Score Attack mode. Then, you have to beat that, as well, and only then can you get the new outfit for Gladio.

There might be a set amount of points that you have to collect in order to get the Rugged Attire. One player that managed to unlock it got 600.000 points in Score Attack mode, but you might get it for about 500.000.

A huge thank-you to Reddit users leftoverguy and lymmea for the valuable info, and Tumblr user nicolareed for the images of the outfit. If you’re not sure how to access the Episode Gladiolus DLC, you can check out our How to Start FFXV Episode Gladiolus DLC guide.

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