FFXV Episode Ignis Documents Locations - Altissian Ambassador Trophy

Episode Ignis documents are a kind of collectible in Final Fantasy XV. They’re letters, journal entries and other types of written correspondence that reveal more about the plot of this story DLC. They’re scattered across the levels, some of them pretty hard to find. Collecting them all will unlock the Altissian Ambassador trophy. We’re going to help you earn that achievement by showing you all FFXV Episode Ignis documents locations.

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Where to find Episode Ignis documents?

Note from Prompto is the first document I’ve found. It is next to the central camp, in the northern part of the city. You’ll find it on a green wooden box, close to the stairs and the metal fence. Family Portrait is on a restaurant table with a red-white tablecloth, on a plateau in the eastern part of Altissia. This is where the first part of chapter one takes, when you need to reach a bridge. The information on the document says: “A family photo held by an officer in the Accordo militia”.

Proposal for Operation: Tidequeller is in the northwestern part of Altissia. This is a large plateau, and the item you’re searching for is on a wooden desk, just below a black canopy, close to the edge and the water. Written on it is the following sentence: “A document outlining the empire’s operation to take down the sea goddess, Leviathan”. Petition for MA-X Aureus Changes file is on the other side of the city, in the southwestern area. This time, it is on a table below a green canopy, close to the green container, a tall tower, and a fountain. It says: “A document outlining a list of modification requests for Caligo’s mech.”.

Civilian Evacuation Orders are somewhat better hidden than the rest. They’re on a tight balcony, a couple of floors up the tallest building in central Altissia. It overlooks the eastern part of the city, giving a nice view of the nearby canal, and the fighting in the distance. It hides the following message: “An announcement from the First Secretary on evacuating Altissian citizens in case of an emergency.” Note from Gladiolus might become available once you hear from him through the comms. This happens as you get the objective to hop in the boat, during chapter one. It is close to the camp, just like the Prompto’s message, but this time on a green box in western Altissia.

Soldier’s Letter is located in the northern section of the map, near the place where the canal turns the corner. Next to a fallen tower, you’ll find a yellow, two-storied house, with fire spouting out of the windows. In front of it, there’s a red bench, and the document is on it. It is a note from an Accordo militia officer to one of his brothers-in-arms. Letter to Cameila. It’s in the east of the map, on the south bank of the canal, east of where the overpass curves north. At the ground level, near a yellow gondola stop, there are two gateways leading to the same corner. Once there, inspect the wooden crate, and you’ll find the document on it. The document is “a missive written from Weskham to Camelia.”

Magitek Axe can be obtained in the Deutatuo Residential District, in the northeast corner of Altissa. There’ll be a bunch of Magitek Axeman soldiers for you to get rid off, plus a few others. Explore the plateau where you fought them, and you’ll find the axe on a fallen Magitek Soldier. Magitek Broken Core is slightly to the west of the center of the map. It’s near a cafe with yellow parasols. There are steps nearby, leading onto a bridge. Head right from said stairs, towards the giant, crashed ship. You’ll find the Magitek Core on the ground nearby.

Magitek Rifle is in the northwest of Altissa. Across the canal from the fallen enemy ship. Near the gondola station and the sandbags, you’ll spot two fallen Magitek soldiers near a barricade. The rifle is next to one of them. The Magitek Appendage (specifically, an arm of a Magitek Soldier) is in Central Altissa. If you look at the map, you’ll notice a big black circle there. Head over to that location. The Magitek Appendage is on a flat balcony that you’ll have to grapple to.

Imperial Banner is an item that’s pretty easy to find. It’s huge, and in the open. In the east by northeast corner of Altissa, there’s a dock with two giant green containers. You’ll know them by a banner hanging on the side. That’s not the banner you want, though. The item you’re looking for is on the floor behind the containers. The Tattered Plushie is west of the center of Altissa, near the broken overpass. There, you’ll find a tower that has fallen over, a chunk of a Magitek ship, and a lot of rubble. The plushie is at the foot of the ship’s wreckage.

Last, but not least, the Bottled Message. This one is fairly well-hidden. If you look at the easternmost part of Altissa on the map, you’ll see a section with three short prongs jutting out towards the north. Make your way over there. Near the large, yellow gondola station, to the west, you’ll see the red-and-white pole sticking out of some debris. At the base of the pole, you’ll find the Bottled Message.