FFXV Episode Ignis Unlocks & Rewards Revealed

Episode Ignis unlocks are items that carry over from the DLC to the main game. You’ll get them when you comlpete the add-on, and they’ll be available on all main game saves from that point on. The rewards include a weapon called Spelldaggers and an attire called Crownsguard Casual outfit. Since the DLC itself is pretty short, video showing off the pair have already started to appear across the internet.

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ffxv episode ignis rewards unlocks
FFXV Episode Ignis Unlocks & Rewards


Spelldaggers are a pair of blades imbued with elemental energy. Their attack rating is nothing spectacular, but they seem to change elements according to the targeted enemy’s weakness. In other words, they’ll always do the maximum possible amount of damage. They can be used by Ignis and Noctis, but we imagine they won’t be able to push out the Zwill Crossblades from the throne.

Crownsguard Casual Outfit

The outfit consists of a pair of shiny black leather shoes, dark blue jeans with a leather belt and a shirt with a washed out leopard print. Not really regal, but hey, it’s free. It’s supposed to be the battle gard of the Crownsguard, although some actual armor that actually protects vital parts of the body seems like a wiser choice. That may be part of the reason they’re having issues with regicide and stuff.

The outfit increases the wearer’s strength, so at least it’s useful. You’ll get both by simply beating the DLC story, no matter the difficulty setting. They’re a bit underwhelming, but Episode Ignis is all about the story – the rewards are secondary. If you want the full picture, you should probably try to collect as many documents as you can. If you want to be sure you didn’t miss any, check out our FFXV Episode Ignis documents locations guide – it has a bunch of screenshots to help you pinpoint the locations of these collectibles.

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