FFXV Episode Ignis Endings Revealed - True, Bad, Alternate

Episode Ignis, the latest DLC for Final Fantasy XV, has several endings. They’ll let you explore alternate timelines, giving you insight into what might have been as well as what actually transpired. They’re all based on choices you make in the very end of the episode, so you can experience them yourself by simply loading the game and choosing differently. However, if you lack the time (or the DLC), you’ll be happy to know there are already videos of them online. Heavy spoilers ahead, naturally.

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ffxv episode ignis endings
FFXV Episode Ignis Endings

The differences are based on the choice you get when Noctis is out cold and Ardyn and his troops have captured him, Ignis and Ravus. After the boot stomp scene from the teaser trailer, Ardyn generously offers Ignis to join him.

True Ending – Fight Back

If you choose to fight back, you get the true ending – the one that is canon, and leads to the events you’ve experienced in the main game. Ignis slips on the royal ring, its power overwhelms him and makes him go blind. However, it also gives him the strength necessary to fight Ardyn. After the fight, Gladio and Prompto find him and Noctis, and the credits start to roll. During the credits, there are a few scenes from the main game timeframe, like the one where Ignis has a moment of self-doubt.

In a final, post-credits scene, adult Ignis and adult Noctis share a moment together, and a single tear rolls down Iggy’s cheek.

Bad Ending – Ignis Dies

If you choose to play along and don’t manage to beat Ardyn, Ignis will die alone, while the villain exposes his plan to lure Noctis to him using the Crystal, the royal ring and Ignis. Since you get a game over screen afterwards, it’s not really a proper ending – you can leave things that way, but we expect not many people will.

Alternate Ending – Play Along

If you choose to play along and stand your ground against Ardyn, he’ll reveal his true identity. Ignis will slip on the ring, giving him enough power to finish Ardyn off. He’ll need to sacrifice himself in order to save the king. Just as the fight ends, the rest of the gang arrives. Noctis uses the Crystal to heal Ignis, and walks into the light. Ignis recovers in full, Ravus lives, and ten years later, the gang finally manages to put Noctis in his rightful place.

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