Final Fantasy XV Next Active Time Report Live Stream Details

The next Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to begin on February 2nd 2017. The event was announced by Square Enix. During the stream, the people behind FF XV will discuss future downloadable content and update information.

Final Fantasy XV Next Active Time Report Live Stream Details
Final Fantasy XV Next Active Time Report Live Stream Details

Fans of the newest installment of the Final Fantasy franchise will want to tune in for this live stream. The Active Time Report will feature director Hajime Tabata and marketing manager Akio Ofuji. They’ll talk about downloadable content and updates that will come to the game in the future. Additionally, you might get to see a video message from “that person”. If you know who that might refer to, please, let us know in the comments.

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The show will begin on February 2nd at 8 PM JST (8 AM EST). Unfortunately, though, the stream is Japanese-only. So, unless you speak Japanese, you might have to wait and read about it.

We don’t know for certain what they’ll discuss during the live stream, but we can hazard a few guesses. We can assume that we’ll get more info about Episode Gladio and Episode Prompto. There might also be talk about the upcoming story patch that’s supposed to fix the rushed Chapter 13. Perhaps they’ll also tell us more about the unannounced expansion for FF XV that Tabata hinted at earlier.

Players are also speculating on whether there’ll be mention of the Dream Egg, an item acquired by those that participated in the Chocobo Carnival. Nobody knows what that egg is for yet, since it “shows no sign of hatching anytime soon”.

Tabata is aware that it’s unusual to release so many updates to a single player game. However, he has stated that he believes in this new approach. He plans to continue doing so as a future trend.

If you want to, and know Japanese, you can watch the live stream below.

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