Gladiolus Episode Release Date, Booster Pack & Prompto Episode Info

The DLC episode where you can play as Gladiolus is set to go live on March 28, 2017. The date was revealed during Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary. Players will also get Booster Pack and Episode: Prompto shortly after. You’ll find this episode and all others in the $24.99 Season Pass.

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Gladiolus Episode DLC Final Fantasy XV
Gladiolus Episode Final Fantasy XV

If you’ve played Final Fantasy XV to the end of the Chapter 6, you’ve certainly noticed that Gladiolus left the party all of a sudden. This is the first time you are faced with this kind of a decision. It’s a moment you don’t forget. Where did he go, what will he do, what am I going to do with only two companions left…

Later on, after the sequence in the power plant, Gladiolus rejoins the party. This time, you can spot that he had a fight before. The large scar across his chest makes it hard to think otherwise. Prompto comments that someone did a number on him, and Gladiolus responds: “You should see the other guy”.

The mysterious person who did that to Gladiolus might be the Gilgamesh. The DLC Director Haruyoshi Sawatari revealed earlier:

“In the Episode Gladio, you’re able to go into the areas that cannot be entered in the main game. In this one, the player confronts an enemy called Gilgamesh, who can only be seen in Episode Gladio.”

Gilgamesh is a character that made an appearance in many Final Fantasy games. He played many roles, as an enemy, an ally, a summon and more. This time he is an enemy. His fate in the Gladiolus DLC is not certain, but probably not too bright.

Booster Pack & Magitek Exosuit

Before we reach the date when Episode: Gladiolus comes out, we can enjoy the free Booster Pack that comes out on February 21, 2017. These powerful items give you an extra advantage while in combat or outside of it. One of the pack items can make you invincible for 30 minutes, while the other can boost your fishing skills. Due to their power, they’ll have cooldown periods of one whole day.

Episode: Prompto

Episode: Prompto doesn’t have a strict release date yet. You can expect to see it sometime in June 2017.

Just like with Gladiolus, we’ll probably get to see events that happened after Noctis throws down Prompto from the train. He for sure seemed shocked later on by this incident. This episode feels it has a darker and more intense tone than story of Gladiolus’s disappearance. Ardyn Izunia will make sure of that.

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