Final Fantasy XV - No Plans for Nintendo Switch Port

Unfortunately for Nintendo fans, it seems they won’t be seeing Final Fantasy XV on the Nintendo Switch. According to director Hajime Tabata, there are no plans for bringing the game over to the new console. However, there is interest in collaboration in the future.

Final Fantasy XV - No Plans for Nintendo Switch Port
Final Fantasy XV – No Plans for Nintendo Switch Port

In his interview with DualShockers, the director of Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata discussed the possibility of the game appearing on the Nintendo Switch. Or, rather, the complete lack of such a possibility.

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There are absolutely no plans for any kind of port. In fact, Mr Tabata isn’t even sure if the game would run on the Switch. They haven’t even tested if it could run. Or, in his own words:

It might run… But we haven’t conducted the proper tests on whether it would run properly on Switch or not, so I cannot say for sure.

This is pretty much a trend lately. So far, none of the recent major games have any Switch support in mind. And that makes sense, considering that they’ve been developed with the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in mind. Considering the limitations of the Switch, I guess there’s just no bank in Switch ports, at least, not yet.

However, Square Enix is on the list of third-party developers that have signed up to make games for the Switch in the future. Just because there’s no plans right now, doesn’t mean that there’s no interest overall.

There are no plans for Switch at the moment, but overall, there is interest in the platform among the development team. We do have lots of Nintendo fans inside BD2.

In fact, Square Enix has already provided two ports of earlier games to pad out the already paper-thin Switch launch library. The games in question are I Am Setsuna and Dragon Quest XI. We’ll see what the future holds for Nintendo’s new brain child.

The Nintendo Switch launches worldwide on March 3rd 2017.

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