Nioh Kodama Locations Kyushu Region - All collectibles on first map

Kyushu region is the first map in Nioh. There are three main missions in it, and they’ll let you collect 25 Kodama in total. These little tree spirits will let you activate Kodama blessings at shrines, which make the game a bit easier. After you leave the region, your old Kodama won’t work in the new area, so you’ll have to collect more. If you collect them all, you’ll unlock the Kodama Leader trophy. This guide is going to show you all Nioh Kodama locations in Kyushu region.

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Isle of Demons Kodama locations

The first mission is called Isle of Demons. It takes place in a burning village, and ends on a ship, where you fight the Onryoki boss. There are 9 little green spirits to collect here. For detailed instructions, visit our Isle of Demons kodama locations guide.

Deep in the Shadows Kodama locations

Deep in the Shadows is the second mission in the area. It leads you through an intricate cave system filled with yokai. When you reach the end, you’ll have to defeat the deadly Hino-enma boss. You can get 8 tree spirits there.

Kodama locations in Spirit Stone Slumbers

Spirit Stone Slumbers is the last main mission you’ll find in this region. It takes place at night, in a temple courtyard during a heavy rain. Once you’ve cleared it, you’ll have the honor of facing a hound that breathes lightning, called Nue. There are 8 Kodama hidden across the location.

If you’re not hunting for the trophy, you don’t need to collect each and every one. You can only have one blessing active at a time, and you’ll probably just end up switching between two of them throughout the entire game. If you’ve already played through these missions and missed the collectibles, don’t worry – you can go back and grab them any time you want.

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