FFXV All Item Locations for Picker-Upper Trophy in Episode Gladiolus

Picker Upper is a trophy you can get in Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus. You get it by collecting all of the items strewn around the dungeon. There’s a lot of them, and some of them are hidden and hard to spot. In this article, we’ll tell you where to find all items in FFXV Episode Gladiolus.

FFXV Episode Gladiolus Picker-Upper Trophy - All Item Locations
FFXV Episode Gladiolus DLC Picker-Upper Trophy – All Item Locations

One very important note before we begin – no items appear to be in barrels or boxes. Instead, they’ll either be on the ground, or hidden out of direct sight in some way. They might be on a side path, or in a hole in the cave walls.

Episode Gladiolus Items Before Waterfall

  1. The first item is very easy to miss. Once you and Cor walk into the cave, turn around and head back to where you came from. There’ll be a Phoenix Down on the ground.
  2. The next item is a Potion, which is lying on the ground next to the fire. It’s very near the entrance into the cave.
  3. After your first battle with the Wandering Souls, there will be a part where you’ll have to duck in order to proceed. You can find the next Potion ling on the ground near the fire pit.
  4. Finally, before you slide down the waterfall, walk over to its source (or spring, if you will). There’s a Hi-Potion hidden there.
FFXV Episode Gladiolus Episode Picker Upper Trophy First Part

Where to find items before first trial in Gladiolus DLC

  1. After you go down the waterfall and fight Gilgamesh for the first time, trek back to the left side (when you’re facing it) of the base of the waterfall. There’s a potion there.
  2. Next, check out the area on the left of where you fought Gilgamesh. There’s a brazier there, and a Potion right next to it.
  3. Before continuing on, examine the ground on the left side of the little “island”, near the river and the ledge. There’s another potion there.
  4. Another Potion is located near the previous one, also by a brazier, before you climb up to the next level.
  5. When you climb up, check the small rock formation on the right side of the bottom of the stairs and collect another Potion.
  6. Once you’ve climbed up the stairs, look right immediately. There’s a Hi-Potion on the rocks.
  7. There are two braziers near the first resting point. Check the floor under the one on the right for a Potion.
  8. Go down the stairs and defeat the monsters. The road ahead is clear, but first check out the small cavern on the right and pick up the Potion.
  9. Before continuing up, check out the small path leading to the left. There’s a Hi-Potion hidden there.
  10. Climb up to the next level, go up the short stairs and immediately go left onto the rocks. There, you’ll find a Phoenix Down.
  11. Go down from the rocks and examine the ground near the barrel that’s on the edge of the cliff. Pick up the Potion.
  12. Next up, defeat the Reapers and take a look behind the stalagmite on the left to find another Potion.
  13. Follow the path,, and you’ll have to face another bunch of monsters. Examine the cliff side on the far right for the Potion.
  14. Another potion can be found on the left cliff side, next to the two barrels.
  15. Continue on your way and climb up to the next level. Look into the hole in the wall on the right for another Hi-Potion.

Items Between First & Second Trial

  1. You’ll come across a camp shortly after the first trial. There’s a Phoenix Down to the right, next to the brazier and some barrels and boxes.
  2. There’s a wooden walkway just beyond the camp. Before you go that way, check the rocks to the right of it for the Potion.
  3. At one point, you’ll reach a bit of solid ground connecting two pieces of walkway. There’s a Potion on the left, just under the destroyed part leading up.
  4. Just after the walkway ends and before you climb up the ledge, look to the left of the box and barrel to find a Hi-Potion.
  5. There’s a rock staircase after the two ledges you climb. Look right of the top of the stairs, next to the fern. There’s a Potion there.
  6. After learning about columns and defeating the enemies, you’ll notice a staircase leading on. Before you go there, check the dead end to the left of them and collect the Potion.
  7. Press X to proceed and climb up the long staircase, then the shorter one. Look left from the top of the smaller staircase and you’ll spot a potion next to a corpse.
How To Get All Items FFXV Episode Gladiolus

Item Locations Between Second and Third Trial in Episode Gladiolus

  1. After collecting the power from the second trial, don’t go forward immediately. Instead, go left to the far end of the “shrine” room and collect the Potion to the right of the brazier.
  2. There’s another potion after you go down some stairs. It’s on the pedestal, next to the other two with torches.

  3. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, defeat the enemies to open the door. Then go back and check the square-shaped rock left of the bottom of the stairs, and you’ll find a Hi-Potion.
  4. After exiting the previous chamber, go left and check the ground next to the brazier to collect a Potion.
  5. At the place where the wooden walkway heads down, instead go forward and collect the Phoenix Down.
  6. As you’re descending down the walkway, at one point, there’ll be a large rock formation on your left. Check the wall on the right to find a Hi-Potion.
  7. Check the barrels on the left after the walkway ends; there’s another Potion there.
  8. Walk over the stone bridge and go right. You’ll find a Potion in the dead end.
  9. After you’ve defeated some enemies, look behind the last column on the right before heading up another walkway. There’s a Potion hidden there.
  10. Before heading up, check underneath the walkway. There’s a Potion at the end of the short path.
  11. After climbing the walkway, you’ll reach a camp. Climb up the rocks on the right of the staircase (also right of the camp) to collect a Hi-Potion.
  12. Enter the cavern after the camp site and check the left side of the entrance for another Potion.
  13. In the chamber just before the next trial, look to the right of the column on the cliff’s edge, among the two corpses. You’ll find a Hi-potion there.
  14. In the same chamber, examine the ground next to the brazier to the right of the door leading to the trial to pick up a Potion.

Gladiolus DLC Item Locations Before Gilgamesh Battle

  1. When you enter the trial chamber, before you fight the next boss, head up the short staircase leading to the ceiling. Pick up the Poenix Down.
  2. At the top of the next staircase leading down, there’s a brazier and a square rock. There’s a Potion on the rock.
  3. Go immediately left after climbing down the stairs to find a Hi-Potion in the rocky debris.
  4. After the camp, go down the walkway and check the small rock formation on the left, next to some barrels to collect a Potion.
  5. Once you cross the next walkway, check the rocks on the left next to a brazier for another Potion.
  6. After the cutscene with Cor, check the far left side of the room, behind the two columns, for a Phoenix Down.
  7. Climb down the short staircase and check the far end of the room. There’s a Potion hidden behind some boxes and barrels, near the small stone pedestal.
  8. On the other side of the same room, check right of the several columns. There’s a Hi-Potion behind two boxes.

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