Ringed City Illusory Wall Locations - Dark Souls 3 DLC

Illusory walls can be hit in Dark Souls 3, to reveal hidden passages and secret areas. Three new ones have been added in the Ringed City DLC, and discovering them can lead you to great treasures. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Ringed City Illusory Wall Locations in Dark Souls 3, which items you can find behind them.

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ringed city all illusory walls
Ringed City Illusory Wall locations in Dark Souls 3

Illusory Walls in Dark Souls 3: Ringed City

The first wall is in the Dreg Heap area, near the first bonfire. When you get down from the bonfire, pass the first angel. Go through the building and turn right. Enter the building and keep going forward. Once you’re in a dead end, turn to your left and hit the wall. It will reveal a staircase leading into another small area. You can find the Great Soul Dregs sorcery there, as well as the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3.

The second wall is near the Shared Grave bonfire. When you cross the bridge where you fight the dragon, you’ll enter a large hall with statues along the walls. Hit the wall next to the stairs, and it will open up. When you kill the enemy inside, hit the far wall, and it will open up as well. The third wall will let you pass as well, giving you access to the Lightning Arrow miracle.

The final illusory wall is in the Ringed Inner Wall area. Spawn at the bonfire and ride the elevator. About halfway down, jump through an opening in the wall. You’ll end up in a circular room with several statues. Hit the emptyhanded one, and it will let you pass. This corridor will lead you to an optional boss called Darkeater Midir (the dragon you fought on the bridge).